Types of Commercial Videos for Social Networks

Commercial Videos for Social Networks

Types of Commercial Videos for Social Networks

While you can easily share commercial videos for social media, it’s more likely to be effective, or even go viral, if you create and optimize videos based on what works best on each specific platform.

One big difference is that videos on social media are usually discovered organically, rather than searched for.

People will search for a video on YouTube or Google to learn how to do something. But on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok they are more likely to stumble upon a video while scrolling through your news feed or Blogs.

Whether people actually watch your video largely depends on how eye-catching and engaging it is.

These eleven social media video examples will help you think about how to make your own content stand out. We’ve also included tips and tricks for making videos for social media.

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The best commercial videos for social networks

Remember that certain types of videos seem to work better on social media, but what one audience likes won’t work for everyone, so when deciding which video ideas might work best, don’t be afraid to mix them up.

Try different things to see what your audience responds to.

Interviews/Questions and Answers

Informational interviews or Q&as are a great way to engage your audience and answer their recurring questions.

Sit down with a thought leader, customer, or team member for an on-screen chat.

You can prepare questions in advance, interview-style, or collect doubts from your fans.

A Q&A format also works well for videos where you speak directly to your followers one-on-one and answer questions they’ve submitted.

You can record the commercial video for social networks beforehand or try to broadcast live.

Behind the scenes of commercial videos for social networks

People love to peek behind the curtain!

It’s a great way to highlight your company culture and build trust and connection with your audience by showcasing the people behind your business.

Many times people like to see what and how you carry out a certain activity, or develop or manufacture a product.

Office tours, going behind the scenes at an event you’re participating in, or showing off new products are perfect topics for behind-the-scenes videos.

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Product/Feature Video

According to a study, 78% of people say that their purchase decisions are influenced by social media posts from brands.

Commercial videos for social media are a great way to highlight a product or demonstrate a specific feature.

They are also good at describing a certain service in a fun way that is easy to understand.

Commercial videos for live social networks

Most platforms now offer native live streaming features and audiences are consuming this type of video more and more frequently.

Live streams are a fantastic way to make your brand appear more transparent while increasing engagement and fostering a connection with your fans.

Live video is the perfect format for Q&A, behind-the-scenes, and event content.

Promotions and offers

Everyone loves a good deal.

Give your social media followers an exclusive deal and grab their attention with an eye-catching video promoting a different sale or promotion.

If you have any products on sale or at a discount, create a commercial video for social networks.

User Generated Content

I get it: creating content takes a lot of time.

This is a reality that all companies face. They start with enthusiasm and then put off creating fresh and engaging content.

You can lean on your followers

Let your loyal followers do some of the legwork by sharing some of their own content.

You can run a contest to collect user-generated content, reach out to influencers, or find videos that your fans have posted organically.

If you have fans who use your product, ask them. They will surely want to make a video about how they use your product or service and how it benefits them.

Highlighting your fans by reposting or retweeting them (be sure to tag the creators) will encourage more users to share the video as well.

Sweepstakes and contests

We all like free stuff!

Contests are a proven way to increase engagement, and there are plenty of ways to use video to further extend your reach.

You can (and should) create videos promoting your contests.

Make a video to announce the winners and host a live stream giveaway and pick winners on-air from viewers who post or engage with your video.

Events through commercial videos for social networks

Take advantage of the FOMO (fear of being left out) of your followers by posting videos of your own events or events that you attend.

You can record and edit highlights, or try streaming live using Facebook Live, Twitter’s built-in Periscope functionality, or Instagram Live.

Give viewers at home an exclusive look at your event by showing what attendees can’t see.

Think special interviews with influencers or a behind-the-scenes look. Also check Descargar Videos De Pinterest

Latest news/trends

Over two-thirds of adults get at least some of their news from social media these days!

While it is essential to be careful not to be seen as a “news hijack” (especially with tragic events), breaking news and hot or trending topics are a great opportunity to engage in conversation.

Whether it’s the latest news from your company or a reaction to a major event or cultural moment, a video is the perfect way to share your opinion.

Keep in mind that breaking news videos are the highest performing type of video on Twitter, as it’s where many people look first when there’s a live news or event.

Tutorials/how-to videos

Last but not least, we have how-to videos and tutorials.

This type of content is actually some of the most sought after content online.

While you’ll need to tweak the format (no one is going to watch a 40-minute woodworking video on Facebook), when done correctly, this format can be incredibly successful.

Social Media Business Video Tips

How do I make my own videos?

And now, the million dollar question: how do I make my own videos on social networks?

We share some examples of different types of commercial videos for social networks. Remember that each of these can also be published in a variety of formats, so it’s worth experimenting.

No matter the format, all good social media videos have a few things in common. We can all learn from them to create better videos on any social media platform.

Entertain, inspire or educate

Rule number one is to make your social media videos valuable! Focus on educating, entertaining or inspiring.

Be flashy

If your video isn’t engaging in the first few seconds, chances are your social media followers will keep scrolling.

Add an eye-catching title image and try to grab viewers’ attention in the first 3 seconds.

No sound required

Make sure your video works fine without sound (most videos on social media are muted until the user decides to turn the sound on).

If you want people to listen, encourage viewers to turn up the sound in the video’s description or subtitles.

Add subtitles

Many sites are successful with social media commercial videos with no words or just some text. But if the dialogue is a must, add subtitles so viewers can follow along.

Keep it short

Short videos tend to perform better on social media.

We are talking about maximum 2-3 minutes on Facebook and Twitter.

Instagram only allows videos up to a minute, though the old upper limit of 15 seconds is still a good length to adopt.

Try a new view

Drone view videos, 360° views, Go-Pro action shots… are more eye-catching. Try making commercial videos for social media that give viewers an unusual view or camera approach.

Let them repeat

Videos on Instagram auto-repeat, just like short videos on Facebook and Twitter. Keep that in mind when you create them; you might even want to try a continuous loop that viewers won’t notice.

Upload natively

With Instagram you really don’t have a choice, but on Facebook and Twitter you can share a link to a video hosted on another site (usually YouTube) or you can upload a video file directly, which is called a “native” video.

Facebook’s algorithm prioritizes native video, which means your video is more likely to be seen in users’ feeds if you upload it natively.

Be creative

There are so many fun apps out there that make it easy to create professional, visually appealing social media commercial videos, especially for Instagram, though you may want to post to other networks as well.

Try Hyper lapse for a fast-paced time-lapse like Taco Bell did, Boomerang for hypnotic GIF-like videos like Inspiralized, or Stop Motion Studio Pro for a video like Halo Top.

You can even use your iPhone’s camera’s built-in slow-motion setting for high-quality results.

Advice on commercial videos for social networks

In conclusion, the commercial video for social networks allows you to be concise and capture the interest of the viewers in the first seconds.

Success on social media lies in your ability to condense information into easily digestible chunks of content that are long enough to hold viewers’ attention but short enough to leave them wanting more.

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