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Outdoor tiles enhance the aesthetic value of your outdoor space. Your patio space, outdoor swimming pool, alfresco, balcony, or exterior wall done with outdoor tiles stand out beautifully. Natural stone outdoor tiles do not just make heads turn but also offer high functionality. Here are several types of natural stone outdoor tiles and their individual benefits for you.

Travertine Outdoor Tiles:

Travertine outdoor tiles make all outdoor spaces look elegant. The subtle colours of grey, beige and off-white create a sophisticated and calming ambiance. Also known as a type of Limestone, Travertine is found around mineral springs and lakes. The durable stone remains cool even in the hot sun, making it an ideal choice for walkways or pool surrounds.

Homeowners use Travertine tiles in walls, patio floors, and pool decks. Despite its hardness and appeal, the pores on Travertine Tiles often get dirty and collect debris. You must seal the stone to prevent this. Choose honed Travertine Tiles or Unfilled and Tumbled Travertine Tiles for outdoor applications. Use polished variant only for indoors. Polished Travertine Tiles tend to be slippery and hence not advisable for outdoor applications.

Granite Outdoor Tiles:

If your walkways, alfresco, or garden areas have a heavy footfall, outdoor Granite tiles are the best choice. Extremely robust and durable, Granite endures weather extremities and physical wear & tear with ease. It is unlikely to get chipped or cracked because of its density and hardness. The igneous natural stone has a high content of quartz.

Granite pavers and tiles are a high-end, premium paving material with a high tolerance to heat and foot traffic. However, Granite has certain drawbacks when used outdoors. Granite tile with a polished finish becomes slippery in wet conditions. Additionally, the stone is porous and needs sealing on a regular basis to prevent staining and moisture damage.

It is not difficult to install Granite tiles over a previously paved surface. However, it is difficult to cut as compared to other natural stones. We recommend Granite outdoor tiles for highly functional outdoor areas.

Outdoor Tiles in Limestone:

Limestone Tiles are another sedimentary rock like Travertine. Composed of carbon-based deposits, Limestone is a hardened rock, formed from remnants of marine life compressed over centuries. This natural stone is found abundantly across the world and is known for its durability. Available in shades of beige, off-white, grey, black, and more, Limestone tiles reflect heat.

This property keeps the stone cool even in the scorching heat. Limestone outdoor tiles are suited for high-traffic areas like patio or pool surrounds for their toughness and ease of maintenance. Yet the natural stone is prone to chipping or scratching since it is softer than Granite and Slatestone. Please make sure you seal the Limestone tiles during installation. We recommend Limestone Tiles for patios or alfresco in warm, dry climatic conditions and not harsh winters.

Outdoor Marble Tiles:

Marble is a luxurious stone, often used to ramp up the interiors. But did you know, Marble tiles and pavers are also perfect for outdoor setups? Marble tiles’ use is not limited to décor but also outdoor flooring, walling, and stair treads. They are hard, durable, and need minimal maintenance. The upkeep needs of Marble are like that of Limestone and Travertine. Just avoid harsh chemicals or acidic solutions.

Avoid using polished finish Marble tiles outdoors as they are not slip-resistant and may cause slipping hazards. For patio pavers and pool surrounds, slip-resistant Marble tiles are recommended. Against popular beliefs, Marble comes in distinct colours and shades. Installing white stones outdoors may cause them to stain as they collect dust and debris that shows up faster than dark-coloured stones. Our Marble pavers are available in shades of grey that do not get stained easily.

Like every natural stone, Marble also has open pores that make the stone vulnerable to moisture damage or staining. Once you apply sealant on Marble tiles, they will last longer and stay protected. Outdoor Marble tiles are perfect for walling, patio floors, pool surrounds, walkways, and water features in regions with hot and humid weather. The anti-slip marble tiles are suitable for every climatic condition, including rainy or tropical.

Slatestone Outdoor Tiles:

Slate is one of the best choices in natural stone outdoor tile patios or floorings. The durability of the stone comes from its formation process under immense heat and pressure. This Metamorphic rock is extremely hard and water resistant. Slate is not only used as a flooring tile but also as a roofing material. Its fire-resistant property makes it an excellent choice for fire-prone areas.

People perceive this stone as a black or dark greyish stone. But the truth is, it comes in a variety of colours. However, Slatestone tiles are heavy and brittle, making them prone to breaking on heavy weight dropping on them. Also, Slate tiles or pavers get heated up by direct sunlight and may be uncomfortably hot to walk on. Slatestone tiles are, therefore, suitable for high-end patios in any climate.

Sandstone Outdoor Tiles:

If you visualize your outdoor space as a sandy beach, choose Sandstone outdoor tiles. The sedimentary rock is a soft natural stone with beautiful shades of tans and beiges. It is formed from layers of sand and other minerals compressing over time and forming beautiful textures over it.

Several historic buildings made of sandstone are proof of the stone’s durability. Sandstone tiles and pavers are easy to work with, making them desirable for intricate décor or floor work. Balconies or shaded gardens emit a desert-like look when done with Sandstone pavers and tiles. Being more economical than limestone and other natural stone tiles, it is widely used in outdoor applications.

However, Sandstone is a soft stone and vulnerable to getting scratched. Therefore, the stone needs to be regularly sealed. Sealing helps to prevent staining and water penetration. We recommend Sandstone Outdoor Tiles for patios or shaded courtyards in a dry climate. Free-thaw cycles are not good for Sandstone.


There are several other natural stone tiles available across the industry. E shortlisted the best and the most popular ones for your outdoors. We hope this article helps you pick the best natural stone outdoor tiles as per your needs and environmental conditions.

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