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Vastu Tips for Hotels – Vaastu Devayah Namah

Vastu Shastra is the ancient system of architecture, design, and construction that uses geometric patterns found in nature to create a home. This article discusses how Vastu can be helpful for hotel owners and how Vastu can be used as a tool to make the hotel successful(vastu tips for hotel).

Vastu Shastra is a science which clearly defines that the building or space must be designed in accordance with the purpose of the building. For example – The purpose of a hotel is to give leisure and relaxation to the occupants, serve the best food, provide a harmonious ambience for vacation & business stays, and raise the vibrations of people staying. Achieve the desired purpose by considering Vastu principles during the design of building. If this purpose is fulfilled, the hotel becomes a success and it can be directly seen in the balance sheets of the hotelier.

What is Vastu?

People are using Vastu, as an ancient Indian concept, since thousands of years. It utilizes geometric and scientific principles to determine the best location, shape, colour, and materials in a given space.

 For Customers

When making hotel reservations online, choose specific types of rooms based on Vastu principles. Even though the stay is limited, the motive or objective of the stay is important and gets more easily fulfilled in a Vastu compliant hotel room. Proximity to destination, close to nature, ample daylight & ventilation are some of the prime factors which enhance the Vastu parameter for a hotel.

 For Hotelier

Follow every Vastu guidelines while planning & designing a hotel. This can be achieved by the involvement of a professional vastu expert. Consider all the elements of Vastu for a hotel helps achieve success. This includes the entry & exit ways, water sources like swimming pool or water borewell, location of kitchen & restaurant, the direction of reception, location of office etc.

What other factors should you take into consideration when choosing your room?

Choosing the right hotel room is difficult. You want to feel like you’re in a comfortable, safe place, but that can be hard when there are so many factors to consider. Vastu Shastra is a form of Indian architecture and design that takes into consideration many factors when designing buildings or rooms. It incorporates sacred geometry, astrology, numerology and natural energies. According to this blog, these elements can make or break your choice of hotel room.

How to choose the best room for each visitor type?

In order to select the best room for each visitor type, it is important to determine which element of your space fits with that visitor’s personality. For example, if you are expecting a business client, it would be best to place the table in front of the window to avoid distractions. A room with pleasant curtains on the wall, a picturesque view and a lot of woodwork attracts romantic couples.

Which factors will affect the rate of success of your hotel?

There are various factors that you are not typically aware of but can have a significant impact on your hotel stay. Vastu alignments of the hotel is one of those factors. If the hotel is designed and planned as per Vastu, it is sure to be a success with fame & recognition. If you feel despite many efforts, the hotel still lacks the desired footfall, make sure to reach out to www.vaastudevayah.com. 

Vastu a Vedic-based Indian system. It considers the position of buildings and other things in order to help people improve their lives. Vastu advises directions for placing objects & activities to create an auspicious energy flow.

Vastu Tips for Hotels

  1. Plan the swimming pool or other water related activities in the East or North-East direction as per Vastu.  
  2. The garden area, green belt, landscaping etc. are beneficial if planned in East to South directions. This also ensures ample sunlight for the occupants.
  1. Display Big Brand board(s) in the North of North-West direction. This attracts the clients.
  1. In order to maintain the balance of fire element, plan the Hotel Kitchen in the South-East or south direction.
  2. The most ideal location for a bar is the West direction.
  3.   Reception, if planned towards North-East or East directions, proves to be beneficial for the hotelier.

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