What all to know about Fiber Optic Cable Jackets?

You must have probably come across fiber optic cable. Some of which are labelled as OFCR, OFNP etc. Fiber optic cables are made from the cladding, inside the core and strengthen those members present outside the optic fibre cable jacket. If the fiber is left bare, it can be easily broken therefore fiber optic cable jacket is required to offer protection from the conductors as well as shielding in the cable. This cable accessory is one of the most important in the electrical industry. Remain with us to explore a lot about fiber optic cable jackets.


Fiber Cable Jacket Fire Ratings:


First let us talk about optical fiber (OF), which deals with a fiber cable and it does not fall under the category of coax cables. If you want to determine what the fire rating of an optic fiber cable’s jacket has to be, then understand GRP, which means General-Purpose, Plenum or Risers. General Purpose is of the less expensive cable jacket lineup and is less practical too. The next fire rating is Risers, it is a little bit flame resistant as compared to the general purpose but still, it can catch fire. Last but not least is Plenum-rated cable – the most flame-resistant jacket. It is considered to be one of the most versatile & efficiently resists both flame & smoke. You can contact one of the leading suppliers of cable accessories in the Middle East and GCC region.


Where fiber optic cable jackets are used?


Let us start from the bottom section. The lowest fire-rated jacket is of general-purpose cable and therefore can not be used in the same manner that plenum or risers can be used. You can use such cable jackets which do not have any strict fire codes or even those areas where the cables can be inspected visibly. The riser cable jackets can be used in buildings’ walls as they are much more fire resistant than they can be simply tucked away. Next, we come to the versatile of all fiber optic cable jackets – the plenum. These cable accessories are used in the ceilings areas, air ducts, and places where the chances of unseen fire are quite common.


How to select the best fiber optic cable jacket?


By now, you must have a clear idea of what these cable jackets are. You may ask how to choose the best cable jacket for your applications. It depends. If you are using cable jackets for indoor applications, then that will be different. Before purchasing them, try to consider especially the non-conductive varieties for applications. The safest cable jacket to always go with is a plenum cable jacket which has high fire resistance.


So, we hope this blog has helped you out in understanding fiber optic cable jackets. If you want to settle for a riser then it is the cheapest one but experts always recommend opting for the plenum cable that can be used in different types of settings. Without any worry, reach out to a reputed supplier of cable accessories.


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