What all you must know about nozzle check valves

Reliable, high performance and control are extremely needed for non-slam check valves. There are various types of non-slam check valves. One of the most used and preferred valves which stands out from others due to the features they offer is – nozzle check valves. If you are looking for nozzle check valves, get in touch with a good supplier of such valves in the Middle East and GCC region. Read this blog to gain more information about nozzle check valves.

What are nozzle check valves?

Nozzle check valves are a kind of non-slam check valve which gives high performance and are one of the best self-operated regulating valves. These valves are non-return valves and are specially designed keeping in mind some demanding applications. What does that mean? It means nozzle check valves can immediately react to lofty deceleration rates but with a performance of non-slam that can lessen water hammer effects in a reverse flow situation. As compared to other types of check valves, nozzle check valves provide unparalleled high flow and energy efficiency. These nozzle valves come with the valve body & orifice (internal one) designs along with springs which are mainly developed for the fluid flow conditions of particular applications.

Nozzle check valves may have an in-built diffuser that helps in recovering the head losses but not like other types of non-return valves and reduces energy consumption. Nozzle check valve feature a stroke disc and are assisted with spring. The action of the stroke disc helps in closing the nozzle check valve within just a few seconds. It is beneficial in protecting the pipework, costly pumping and other equipment from damaging pressure surges.

For which applications, nozzle check valves are ideal?

Nozzle check valve are specially designed for conditions where the fluids are pumped in low pressure or intermittent flow. If we speak particularly, then these valves are best for closing fast & quietly at the time of low pressure & periods of no-flow. Nozzle check valve can be efficiently used for preventing liquids from reversing direction flow. In these valves, the mechanism of shut-off is the disc and it is held converse to the seat through an internal spring.

What are the benefits of installing nozzle check valves?

Have a glance at the benefits which nozzle check valve offer:

  1. a) Saves energy

Nozzle check valve operate at low rates for minimizing pressure losses and boosting plant efficiency. Nozzle check valve ensure a minimal drop in pressure across the nozzle valve.

  1. b) Free of maintenance

The design of nozzle check valve does not use soft parts. There are almost no wearing parts; it leads to maintenance-free operation.

  1. c) Vertical and horizontal installation

The light in weight discs permits the nozzle check valve in maintaining the same high performance be it horizontal or vertical installation.


We hope you must have enjoyed reading this blog about nozzle check valve. These valves are specially designed to offer users reliable backflow prevention for potable water supply. While purchasing nozzle check valve, get detailed information about them. You can definitely contact one of the best suppliers of nozzle check valve in the Middle East and GCC region.

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