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What are NFTs & Where you can invest in NFT

Know why NFTs are Popular

Ever imagined buying digital artwork online at a reasonable cost and getting a digital token known as an NFT? In this blog, we have covered the basic questions related to this topic like what are NFTs and how to buy NFT? As NFT is becoming increasingly popular, many major players are embarking on this game. Not only digital artists but tech giants and celebrities are joining this trend to connect digitally with their customers and fans respectively. The best part about this technology is that it allows you to own any unique and scare product that is available on the internet(NFTs for sale).  

NFT token provides you the ownership over the artwork that you have purchased. This new technology has opened new gates for passive income for the people and more importantly for the digital artists. 

Here, we have tried to simplify the term NFT for you, listed the marketplaces to buy NFTs, and mentioned NFT collections in which you can invest.  

What are NFTs?

Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs are blockchain-based tokens that you can buy online. These tokens are represented as digital arts like digital posters, anime characters, GIFs, real estate, tickets, avatars, domain names, and many more. NFTs are non-interoperable, you cannot replicate or replace them. Plus, you cannot exchange them in equivalence to other digital arts. Unlike cryptocurrencies, these tokens cannot be fractionalized. 

Why are they called non-fungible? 

Non-fungible tokens mean non-interexchange tokens that are encrypted with metadata and unique codes. The creator or the owner of NFT sets the minimum selling price and the highest bidder gets the NFT. 

How to buy NFT?

If you are thinking that you can take a screenshot of the popular Beeple’s art ‘EVERYDAYS: The First 5000 Days’ then you cannot be more wrong. As mentioned earlier, blockchain technology provides a unique code to the original art in the form of tokens. Only the creator and buyer have the rights over the NFT. 

What makes them special?

Multiple factors make this new technology popular among the mass of people. The key factors are its features that include security, ownership, reliability, and accessibility. Blockchain technology makes the NFT transaction secure and efficient. More importantly, all the transactions are available on the public ledger and hence the process is transparent. 

Furthermore, it ensures authenticity and ownership that eliminates the risk of fraud and mischief at the time of transaction. The peer-to-peer connection makes the process effective and efficient. It also reduces the management and miscellaneous cost which ultimately makes NFT more alluring. This is why people are showing their interest in this new technology. If you are also thinking to buy NFT this is the right time(NFTs for sale).  

Where would you buy NFT art?

There are multiple NFTs platforms from where you can buy NFT depending on the type of art that you are willing to invest in. For instance, to buy Baseball cards, the DigitalCardTrading is the best platform. To buy NFT, you need to create a wallet and purchase some cryptocurrencies. We have listed some of the popular NFT platforms from where you can buy your own NFT.

  • OpenSea
  • Rarible
  • Binance
  • Foundation
  • Nifty Gateway
  • Axie Marketplace
  • NFT ShowRoom
  • VIV3

Where you can invest in NFT collections?

There is a plethora of NFTs for you to choose that suits your interest. Whether you want to buy digital arts, GIFs, sports cards, avatars, anime characters, or video games there are varieties of NFTs for sale. If you want to buy a digital avatar then Krazy Kong NFT collections are the one for you. 

Kong’s characters are the portraits of his life journey to explore human society. The main aim of Krazy Kong NFT collections is to raise environmental and social issues. This includes the disastrous effects of deforestation, animal rights, inequalities, conflicts, and wars within and between animal (including human) species.

Soon we are going to make announcements of brand new Krazy Kong NFTs drops. You can get all the information including special benefits and giveaways on Krazy Kong Discord community.  

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