What Are The Benefits Given By New Gojek Clone KingX App 2022

Cubetaxi Gojek Clone App is the Best Start-Up Idea for all the young Aspiring Entrepreneurs worldwide because it helps you make Easy and Quick Money. The Due Credit for which goes to its Profit-Centric Business Models and One Lucrative Revenue Model! This Super App is one Creative Original Invention that is serving as a Boon to Mankind!



Once the User has Successfully Registered with the KINGX 2022, one has to Simply Activate the Smart Login Feature by going to “My Profile”! Then, Android Users will be able to Login using their Fingerprints while iPhone Users will need their Face ID’s! Isn’t it the Coolest way Ever to Sign In?


The User is now Empowered to Book an Instant Online Video Consultation Session with Industry Experts such as:

  • Doctors
  • Personal Academic Tutors
  • Yoga Instructors and Fitness Coaches
  • Lawyers
  • Psychiatrists, and even 
  • Astrologers

Once the Sector Specialist has Accepted the Request, the User has to wait for the Adept Professional to Initiate the Conversation. The Professional will first go through the Issue at Hand which is typed in by the User only and then Places a Video Call using the In-App Feature!

Consultation Fee gets Automatically Deducted from the Users’ Pre-Saved Credit Card once the Session has Ended! And it is the ONLY Mode of Payment Accepted for this Feature!


The User can Post Task Details for the Service Requested on the Cubetaxi Gojek Clone App and get Bids in Real Time from Handymen such as:

  • Carpenters
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Painters
  • Home Cleaners, and
  • Sanitizing and Disinfecting Experts

The User then chooses the Best Bid based on One’s Budget and the Online Ratings of the Service Provider! All that the User has to do is Fill Out a Form with Details Regarding the Service Requested:

    • Category of Service Requested
    • Service Location/ Residential Address
    • Budget
    • Specific Details of the Task Requested 
    • Preferred Date and Time

Now, the User has to Click on the “POST” Button! Immediately an Invitation is sent to all the Concerned Handymen of the Users’ Locality! Users have to wait for the Interested Service Providers to Place their Bids! And Remember, Only those Handymen will Place Bids who feel that the Users’ Quoted Budget is too low for their Skill-Set! The User can see all the Bids under the Bidding Section of “My Bookings”! This is where the Process of Service Bidding or Virtual Negotiations Start!

However, Handymen Officially Registered with the Business like Gojek can also choose to Outrightly Accept or Reject the Task Request!


This All-In-One-Services App has enabled App Owners to Allow Tech Giant like Facebook and Google to Post their Advertisements on its Digital Platform and get Paid for it! These Big Silicon Valley Software Companies are always looking to Expand their Digital Footprint and Online Visibility.

Earlier, the Existing Service Providers Registered with the App could Pay the Admin to Promote their Services/Products on the Landing Screen of the User App.


Has it always been your Childhood Dream of becoming an Entrepreneur? Do you want to Feature on the Cover Page of the TIME Magazine for being the Next Self-Made Billionaire? Then Contact a Licensed White-Labeling Firm ASAP and Go live with your very own Cubetaxi On Demand Apps in Record 1-2 Weeks!

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