What are the Factors to consider before setting up an IoT company in Dubai?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a reality that has ushered in the fourth industrial revolution. Sooner or later, it will become a part of our existence. Many firms are making preparations to enter the IoT realm. However, before starting an IoT firm from the ground up, there are a few essential concepts that must be addressed.

Regrettably, some of these businesses jumped into the IoT department without first assessing or comprehending the obstacles that stood in their way. This is due to their perception of IoT as traditional computing. As a result, they make serious mistakes during the development process. Contact On time Biz if you want to start an IoT business without the hassle.

The following are some of the issues that any entrepreneur should consider before deciding to enter the IoT market.


  • Cost of Device

IoT device production is more expensive than any other product since it runs continuously. Additionally, it is generally more expensive to run the servers and gather data. Likewise, you must frequently upgrade the device’s software and issue fresh updates. As a result, you should think seriously about setting rates for your clients. A subscription model is recommended for maximum profit because it can supply you with enough revenue to support the product’s operation.


  • Digital Transformation

To succeed in profiting on digital services, your entire firm must undergo a digital transformation and adopt a new perspective at a precise time. This entails learning new skills, strategies, and developing an open marketing approach with the requisite aptitude. After that, you’ll be qualified to work on new shafts and expand constituency. Before implementing and officially establishing procedures, it is always necessary to re-examine and revamp them.


  • Add Value to the End User

This is one of the most important yet often overlooked considerations. You must ensure that the device’s connection provides the end user with significant new value. As a result, this consumer would be quick to change the forms. Normally, though, the network would self-regulate to maintain the specified values. The efficiencies gained as a result of this can be used to repay end-user capital while also allowing the firm to carry out any new projects it may have. Otherwise, you’ll have a bad product on your hands if the clients don’t get on board to be responsive to it.


  • Create a Prototype

Composing a prototype allows you to understand new approaches and technological gaps while giving you more time to conduct a thorough talent search. Having a prototype can provide you a better understanding of what you need to do to improve and boost your scaling efforts. Despite the fact that the construction may take some time, you will be able to discover the necessary framework to complete your IoT project before it is distributed. However, if you’re not experienced with product development, this could be a difficult task.


  • Customer Support

Customers will always have questions and doubts about your product, no matter how meticulous it is. As a result, you must ensure that your team is prepared to deal with the flood of issues and inquiries that arise quickly after a new technology is introduced. If help is inadequate during this critical period, several clients may become agitated about the situation, leading them to terminate your service.


  • Used and integrated information

Data from IoT devices offers a huge opportunity to improve your customers’ overall perception. This shift in customer service can significantly increase the lifetime value of your items. This can also be used to improve your sales and trade endeavours, as well as potentially open doors to new professional paths. Nowadays, marketing is intertwined with product success, customer retention, and acquisition retention. It will also be unprofitable if the marketing transmission is not proportional to your IoT strategy.


  • Scaling an IoT

Engineering for prototypes is very different from engineering for scalability in an IoT company. Every project, at some time, faces issues and challenges related to scalability. If you don’t scale properly, your costs will rise, and your system will suffer as a result. Are you aware that when we scale IoT, we’re scaling the entire process, not just one technology? This implies scaling business operations, data operations, output infrastructure, and API infrastructure.


  • Security and Privacy

When designing your IoT devices, it’s critical to think about the consequences of poor data security. This is not the same as a vendor experiencing a security breach and having their card info compromised. This is about customer-related issues, such as what would happen if the device was hacked. Inadequate IoT security can withstand both direct and indirect consequences. As a result, you must anonymize and encrypt your clients’ sensitive data.



The creation of an IoT device comes with a slew of problems. The market opportunity in this industry, on the other hand, is too great to pass up. The Internet of Things (IoT) is extremely important since it affects practically every business that relies on industrial automation. To produce a fully functional and productive IoT gadget, you must do more than merely support the sector. Companies that place a high premium on their consumers are more likely to enjoy long-term success. The benefits of IoT implementations significantly outweigh the risks with the correct considerations, planning, and collaboration.

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