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What are the Five major problems of an elderly?

top 5 problems

It is a bitter reality for all of us to face and accept that we are getting old with each passing day. Right from the time we were born, we go through numerous challenges due to ageing.  It is a complex process that not only impacts the healthy body cells, but also gradually begins to shrink them. With age, the bones become weak, the skin loses its tensile strength and the hair becomes grey.

The five major problems of an elderly are:

  • Social isolation
  • Physical frailty and pain
  • Financial insecurity
  • Lack of independence
  • Depression

As people age, they become more susceptible to chronic diseases and health risks. They often experience social isolation and physical frailty, which can lead to an increased need for care. With social security programs likely on the chopping block, many elderly people are struggling financially. The result is that many older adults are becoming increasingly dependent on their children and grandchildren for care.

One of the major disadvantages of old age which majority of men experience is a decline in the quality of their erection.  Poor quality of erection deprives them from physical love. They no longer get the erection which they used to when they were in their 20’s or 30’s. Their inability to stay erect and make love frustrates them and erodes their confidence and self- esteem.  One effective medicine which restores the lost erectile strength and offers men a chance to engage in a healthy and a pleasurable copulation is Kamagra UK. Its primary element, Sildenafil Citrate, fills the chambers of male organ with sufficient amount of blood and offers them a chance to relish quality moments of physical intimacy.

Social isolation

Social isolation is a process often experienced by many people and can be caused by a number of factors. One common cause is physical distance between people who reside in different locations. This can be helpful for those who live far from their family or friends, but it might also leave them feeling lonely or feeling like they are missing out on life events that exist in their proximity .Social isolation can be seen as a form of loneliness which can then lead to depression. Increased social isolation is also seen as a health risk and can lead to negative outcomes like alcoholism, drug use, and poor physical health. Those who are socially isolated might have a difficult time forming relationships with others, feel isolated from society, or experience chronic loneliness.

Physical Condition

Physical frailty and pain are two terms that often go hand in hand. However, they are not the same thing. Physical frailty is the physical manifestation of an individual’s age or disease, while pain is a symptom of injury or disease. Physical frailty can be measure by a person’s body mass index (BMI) and their waist-to-hip ratio. Pain on the other hand is measure by how much it affects someone’s daily life and activities such as walking, sleeping, or working.

Elderly people must keep their BP and cholesterol levels under control to stay away from any form of heart disease such as coronary artery disease, heart failure, angina and arrhythmias. As per a research, around 50% of the men who die of heart problems don’t even know that they are suffering from problems of heart.

Diabetes is another medical condition in which the pancreas fails to produce the necessary amount of insulin in the body which leads to other problems such as kidney disease, eye problems, different forms of infections and complications. Diabetic males often struggle to attain an erection for a satisfactory intercourse, as a result of which they start avoiding their female partner. The good news is that such men can improve their erectile strength and last long in bed with the prescribed use of Kamagra Jelly, a delicious oral solution for the successful treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Financial insecurity

Financial insecurity can be a major cause of stress and anxiety. It can also lead to negative consequences such as depression and an increased risk of suicide. Financial insecurity can be cause by a number of factors including job loss, lack of savings, high medical bills, divorce, or the death of a loved one.

It is important to have access to resources that will help you cope with this feeling. Some people find it helpful to talk with their friends or family members while others find it helpful to talk with a counselor or therapist.

Lack of independence

The elderly are not as independent as they used to be. They can’t walk on their own, need assistance with everyday tasks, and some of them even require a caregiver to help them. This is a problem that cannot be solve

There are many factors that contribute to this issue – age, health issues, finances etc.  But the solutions lie in improving overall health and well-being, as well as creating a more supportive environment. It is important to take care of people who need care rather than those who can survive on their own. This statement reflects the reality that it is often necessary for elderly people to receive assistance with daily tasks due to their physical limitations. The issue cannot be solve without a needful approach. Many people may be reluctant to help out if they are not ask for it. It would be best to ask those who need help, and the approach should be non-judgmental and welcoming.


Depression is one of the most serious health issues in elderly which affects their appetite, energy and slumber. A person suffering from depression is often misunderstood because he often hides his feelings from others. This situation often leads to anger, mood disorders, hopelessness and fear.  Unlike women who show sadness and cry often, a depressed male demonstrate anger and aggressive behavior.

To curb depression, some men take to drinking which further aggravates their medical condition. Some men even contemplate suicide. As majority of the men are reluctant to share their problem with their family and friends, therefore an online consultation with a senior health care advisor is the  most convenient and comfortable option  for them to seek treatment. Socializing, engagement in hobbies or keeping themselves busy in reading or writing can offer them some relief from depression.

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