What are the Most Widely used ISO Standards and ISO Certification? 

Several ISO standards are issued and there are many companies and organizations that require to use them, however, 300 of the commonplaces created by ISO Certification and IEC.

Several ISO standards are issued and there are many companies and organizations that require to use them, however, 300 of the commonplaces created by ISO Certification and IEC’s Joint Technical Committee are created freely and publicly available.

I’ll share a variety of ISO standards most usually applied in companies and organizations around the world.

ISO Standards and ISO Certification

1. ISO 9000 Quality management

The ISO 9000 family addresses varied aspects of quality management and contains a number of ISO’s best-celebrated standards. The standards provide steering and tools for firms and organizations who ought to confirm that their merchandise and services consistently meet customers’ requirements, which quality is systematically improved.

ISO 9000 Quality management

Standards within the ISO 9000 family include:

  • ISO 9001:2008 – sets out the wants of a high-quality management system
  • ISO 9000:2005 – covers the essential concepts and language
  • ISO 9004:2009 – focuses on the thanks to build a high quality management system a great deal of economical and effective
  • ISO 19011:2011 – sets out steering on internal and external audits of quality management systems.

2. ISO 14000 Environmental management

The ISO 14000 family addresses varied aspects of environmental management. It provides smart tools for companies and organizations desperate to spot associated management of their environmental impact and constantly improve their environmental performance. ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 14004:2004 target environmental management systems. the other standards among the family specialize in specific environmental aspects sexual love cycle analysis, communication, and auditing.

3. ISO 50001 Energy management

ISO 50001 Energy management

victimization energy efficiently helps organizations save cash, in addition, serving to conserve resources Associate in Nursingd tackle climate change. ISO 50001 supports organizations altogether sectors to use energy additional efficiently, through the event of an energy management system (EnMS)

4.ISO 22000 Food safety management

The ISO 22000 family of International Standards addresses food safety management.

The implications of unsafe food are typically serious and ISO’s food safety management standards facilitate organizations’ determination and manage food safety hazards. As many of today’ food merchandise repeatedly cross national boundaries, International Standards are needed to ensure the safety of the globe food supply chain.

The very best brass of a corporation attending to enter for ISO certification need to first determine below what ISO category their organization falls viz: ISO 9001, 9002, or 9003. they need to share the commitment to seeking ISO certification with all levels of management, select Associate in Nursing associate ISO representative and put together decide whether or not or to not use authority or not. There got to be some system already alive either written or oral with relation to adherence to the standard of the merchandise created by the industry/industry, be it a turnout or service. The organization then must review this oral/documented Quality System, verify procedural areas for modification, modification or deletion, and choose what has to be implemented and also the thanks to format the ISO 9001 required Quality Manual.

5. ISO 27001 information security management

The ISO 27000 family of standards helps organizations keep info assets secure.

Victimization of this family of commonplaces will facilitate your organization’s management of the protection of assets like cash information, intellectual property, employee details, or information entrusted to you by third parties.

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ISO/IEC 27001 is that custom among the family providing wants for an associate data security management system (ISMS).

6. ISO 31000 Risk management

Risks touching organizations can have consequences in terms of economic performance and virtuoso reputation, additionally to atmosphere, safety, and social outcomes. Therefore, managing risk effectively helps organizations to perform well in a setting full of uncertainty.

ISO commonplaces more than are most often I’ve encountered throughout a form of organizations and companies and much a great deal of

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