What Are The Reasons To Use OpenBots For Automation?

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Introduction To RPA:

Robotic process automation or RPA is a software technology that helps in building, deploying, and managing software tools to imitate human actions. In addition, it is useful for robots to automate repetitive tasks and manual processes. Above all, this technology results in allowing employees to focus on the actual work, thus saving them time and money for a company.

What Is OpenBots:

To begin with, OpenBots is an Open-Source RPA tool that comes with process bot studio development, process discovery, and bot orchestration capabilities. In addition, its beneficial for large-scale enterprise RPA deployments along with digital transformation initiatives. Moreover, many small to medium-sized organizations also use it to be familiar with automation. To further know about it, one can visit OpenBots Online Training in India.

Features Of OpenBots:

OpenBots Studio- It is a full-featured software tool that helps in building bots that can be published as attended/unattended bots. In addition, it allows you to build unlimited simple or complex automation and helps in the easy development of automation scripts without taking away developer control. Above all, it consists of more than 150 inbuilt commands and is also capable of installing commands from various third-party providers.

OpenBots Server- It provides scalability, high security, and optimal performance for enterprises as it is built on a solid architecture. In addition, it helps in scheduling bots in a central place with complete control and view of asks being completed. Above all, it ensures zero bot license fees. Enroll now OpenBots Online Training in India.

OpenBots Discovery- This is a Robotic Portfolio Management (RPM) tool that helps in tracking, and managing enterprise automation. Thus, it proves to be beneficial for business analysts and business users. In addition, it helps in analyzing your business processes at a time and provides access feasibility of automating. Moreover, it helps in calculating & presenting returns on investment along with prioritizing and automating backlog.

OpenBots Documents- This is a SaaS-based Intelligent Document Processing Solution. In addition, it uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), optical character recognition (OCR), and machine learning (ML) to automate the reading of structured and unstructured documents.

OpenBots Academy- It is a free online training Academy with multiple courses. In addition, this academy provides free training and certifications that include all the necessary course materials to build and run automation.

Benefits Of OpenBots:

OpenBots provides developers with the flexibility to build automation in the Studio and publish them to the Cloud Server. In addition, it supports scalability and security and provides access to enterprise-level support and maintenance. Thus, resulting in easy development of automation scripts and creating complex or straightforward automation. There are many OpenBots Training Institute in Delhi and one can enroll in them to learn about its functioning. Apart from these, given below are some of the benefits of using OpenBots.

  • It allows you to create powerful, scalable, and secure workflows.
  • Helps in experiencing the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) of RPA on the market.
  • It helps in building unlimited automation with zero bot licensing fees.
  • Allows a user to access enterprise-level support and maintenance.

Reasons To Use OpenBots for Bot Automations:

  • Flat Pricing Model Guarantees ROI- OpenBots comes with free-to-use and paid options available for businesses and developers. In addition, it provides unlimited bots and orchestration and supports products with the help of E-mail. Moreover, it ensures limited business day response time and limited support incidents along with priority access to product updates and patches.
  • Quickly Publish Automations on Cloud Server- It comes with a thirty-day free trial for deploying, monitoring, and managing bots from the cloud anytime and anywhere. In addition, it provides three types of packages according to different requirements. These packages are the Starter package, Growth package, and Enterprise package.
  • Simplifies Digital Transformations- It allows a user to build a digital workforce and automate straightforward, repetitive processes. In addition, it comes with various third-party commands that easily integrate with many common applications such as Microsoft Outlook. Above all, it provides enterprise-grade automation to organizations without enterprise-level licensing fees.


OpenBots is an open-Source RPA tool that provides bot studio development, process discovery, and bot orchestration capabilities. In addition, it offers various features like OpenBots studio, OpenBots discovery, OpenBots server. etc. Moreover, it helps in the creation of powerful, scalable, and secure workflows and allows a user to access enterprise-level support and maintenance.

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