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What are the Types of BPO Service?

What is the Purpose of BPO?

BPO means Business Process Outsourcing. This is where a business outsources its day-to-day back office operations. Businesses outsource their front office functions by outsourcing services such as sales, customer service and marketing to a provider in another country that can provide these services at a lower cost than its local employees could.

Types of BPO

There are numerous types of businesses that are in need of a business process outsourcing (BPO) service. This is due to the fact that not all organisations have the same needs, resources and budgets. To decide if a company should outsource certain aspects of its business and how to go about doing it.

Executives at the firm must consider whether or not there are advantages and disadvantages associated with this choice and whether it would be sound strategic decision for the organisation as a whole.

BPO Advantages

One of the key reasons businesses outsource is to save expenses. Rather than purchasing IT equipment and paying more workers to do certain duties, they can outsource the jobs to a service provider, lowering or even eliminating overhead expenses.

Common Business Process Outsourcing Services

Here’s a deeper look at some of the most commonly outsourced BPO services are :


  1. Data Entry

Data entry is a fundamental administrative task that’s often overlooked in the office. However, data entry can be time-consuming and laborious. Why not outsource this work instead of hiring a full-time employee? If you plan to fill up your staff with new employees, you’ll want to consider outsourcing as an option.


  1. Customer Service

Customer service is one of the most essential BPO activities you can outsource to a third party. Whether it’s home delivery of your website, live chat on Ebay or direct email responses to your customers, customer service is what will make or break your company in the long run.


  1. Marketing

When it comes to marketing, it’s important to be strategic. You need to know what your target audience wants so you can give them exactly what they want, when they want it. That’s why you should outsource some of these tasks to expert third parties that specialize in UX and design elements of your advertising campaign (design, after all is half the work!). You’ll have more time and energy to focus on other elements like content marketing, optimizing your website and social media presence, and increased brand awareness!


  1. Human Resources

Human Resource outsourcing is a popular trend that has grown in popularity in recent years, with the market expected to reach $43.8 billion by 2024 (source: Forbes). With all this growth, it’s not surprising that more HR BPO suppliers have popped up on the Internet and in your city’s yellow pages, eager to offer their services to help businesses save money and expedite the human resources process.


  1. Finance and Accounting

Finance and accounting are two extremely important BPO services. This is because they have a wide range of roles and responsibilities. Finance and accounting play a significant role in any organisation and they can be managed by specially trained people, as well as staff who have been with the firm for many years or even decades.

How We Execute Our Process.

We’ve seen a lot of different processes, and worked with many different types of projects, but nothing was more important to us than making sure we knew how to execute ourselves. That’s why we don’t follow someone else’s process. We develop a methodology that works for us and our clients based on their level of experience and the nature of the project they’re dealing with.


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