What are the uses of AngularJS for web development?


AngularJs is a flexible front-end framework that uses the top programming languages JavaScript and HTML. Also, you can use it for the development of IoT devices. Moreover, It is the most valuable innovation for web applications and developers and is the greatest front-end technology for web app development owing to its usage, advantages, and features. Therefore, to become proficient in this framework, it is necessary to go to AngularJS Training Institute in Noida.

AngularJS: Meaning

It is a front-end web application framework that is open source and used to create single-page applications, entirely dependent on JavaScript. That is why it has a name that contains JS and is known as Angular.js. However, Google established this framework as an open source project with the goal of making it easier and faster to develop single-page web applications.

Uses of AngularJs

There are multiple reasons that make AngularJs a popular framework for web development. These reasons are as follows:

●     Extending HTML attributes

You can use its directives to expand the current HTML attributes. We can use these directives to include HTML components. Also, they help to assist developers in writing their HTML code. It means, unlike HTML, these directives allow for tailored HTML components.

●     HTML Data Binding

Data binding appears to be an obsolete word these days. However, data binding in AngularJS is like automatically synchronizing data between the model and view components. It was previously difficult for developers, but AngularJS makes two-way binding simple and fast. As a result, it is natural for developers to attract to AngularJS.

●     Easy to Learn

JavaScript is an easy programming language to learn. After that, every language supported by JavaScript becomes simple to learn and understand.

The same goes in this case. AngularJS is a hybrid of HTML and JavaScript. HTML is the foundation; developers have been using it for years, while JavaScript is a versatile and effective language. Thus, AngularJS becomes simple to grasp.

●     Provides more Security

When creating a web application with AngularJS, the developers go beyond to protect the program.

However, the application data is protected and authenticated using a detailed step-by-step procedure. As a result, many businesses foresee using this framework to construct their online applications.

●     Improve unit testing

As JavaScript is interpreted and dynamic rather than compiled, AngularJS, a JavaScript-based framework, must adhere to a specific set of tests. As a result, testing the AngularJS-created web application is simple. It adds to the list of reasons for using this framework.

●     Affordable

It is a free and open-source framework that includes the development, testing, and maintenance cost. Thus, if you need paid libraries, tools, or other frameworks, there will be an additional expense. AngularJS is employed since it is a low-cost choice for web app development.

●     Supports Large Community

Google and a vast community of developers maintain AngularJS that contribute to the framework’s development and upkeep. This community is large enough to explore, learn, and contribute to the framework. Thus, development cycles become simpler and quicker. As a result, this is one of the reasons to utilize this framework for web app development.

●     Integrates 3rd party features

Third-party frameworks can easily integrate this framework into a variety of third-party frameworks. Integrating into third-party frameworks adds many such functions, making the web application more feature-rich.

As a result of its ability to readily interact with other frameworks and technologies, it has become the most widely accepted and utilized web app development framework.


Hopefully, you find this article informative. We have compiled the top uses of AngularJs for web development. Therefore, to get out the most of the framework, it is necessary to have AngularJS Training in Gurgaon.

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