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It is not enough to call a pest control company and wait for them to arrive. To make this service effective, you must act before and after the pest service (PCS) arrives. A reliable and experienced PCS will provide you with a complete checklist of preparations that you must make before they arrive. This will make the treatment unsafe and could lead to the return of pests to the area. To eliminate all pests safely, working with a professional pest control company like Cleaning Mate Pest Control Brisbane is a good idea.

Below are some general steps to be followed:

  • Before the PCS team arrives, make sure your house is tidy and organized. This will attract pests to your PCS bait, not to your home’s litter.
  • Clear your countertops of all food and other utensils, and then cover all foodstuffs.
  • Take out all large appliances and items from the top of your refrigerator. Clean under all appliances before the PCS arrives.
  • Toys and other appliances belonging to children must be removed from the open and locked away.
  • Use mop and detergent to clean the kitchen and carpet.
  • Before the PCS visit, inspect all corners for pest eggs. All these eggs must be removed and disposed of properly.
  • Before PCS arrives, you will need to clear out all garbage and trash from your home.
  • Appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, and cabinets must be removed from the wall. These are the areas where pest eggs or other debris may be found.
  • To ensure that the PCS personnel can reach all areas likely to be home to pests, including those which may contain their faces or eggs, you must provide them with free access.
  • These pests love to eat paper waste. You should get rid of any paper garbage that is left over, so they can be removed quickly.
  • Pests love to live in moist places. You must seal all leakages in your house’s water supply lines.
  • You should inform your family if any member of your family has a health problem. If you have a baby or pet at home, take extra safety precautions before the PCS arrives. These conditions must be mentioned to the PCS team. Your infants or pets should be kept away from your home for as long as they are allowed by them.


You don’t have to worry about unwanted insects invading your home. But regular pest control treatments may be able to help. How does this process work? Let’s take a look at what to expect from a Pest Control London.

Your team must arrive on time and should be professionally dressed. Your exterminators must introduce themselves to you and answer all questions. If you have any concerns, please let your pest control team immediately.

The exterminators will then inspect for entry points that could be used by insects. This includes inspecting your crawlspaces, garages, pipes, and crawlspaces. They will then inspect your yard to identify potential pest problems.

Your exterminators might need to visit your vehicle after they have completed an inspection of your home. Based on the evidence they have gathered, they will make a plan.

The professional pest control agents will then meet with you to go over their reports and inform you about what’s happening around your home. Your team should be open and transparent, explaining everything clearly so that you can understand it. When you and your exterminators agree, the team will start the treatment.


Here are five ways to prepare for your pest control treatment.


It’s safer to be safe than sorry when it comes to your pet safety. Preventive measures can be taken to ensure your pet’s safety before you apply pest control.

Dogs and cats

You can relocate your pets for a day or two if you have cats or dogs. If you know of friends, neighbours or relatives who are able to care for the animals during treatment, please let them know. Pets with curious minds may find wet pesticides on the floor and try to lick them up.

This can cause emotional stress in pets. When strangers come into their homes in bulky gear, many households’ pets experience anxiety, stress and worry. Particularly dogs can become defensive and disrupt exterminators.

To prevent pesticides from sticking to pet bedding, water bowls, toys, and other household items take out all pet beds and toys before you start your pest control treatment. All pet food and treats must be covered.

Caged Pets

Fish, birds, and snakes can all be affected by pesticides. Properly covering caged pets is a good idea. To prevent pesticides and airborne particles from entering tanks or birdcages, cover them with a towel. Also, make sure you store or cover pet food and supplies.

Some birds are sensitive to the airways and should be removed from their homes during pest control treatments. Your veterinarian can provide guidance if you are unsure what to do for your pet while it is being treated for pests.


All open items should be covered or packed away before the exterminators arrive.

Pesticide particles can build up on objects that are left out in the open. Clear out as much as you can. Toss out any odds and ends and put clothes and toys in your closets. Wrap your belongings in plastic and put them away.

Put away makeup, hairbrushes, and toothbrushes in the bathrooms. Take out any food that is still open from the kitchen counter. Keep any food that is not in the fridge or pantry out of reach. Silverware, plates and glasses can be covered or packed away.

You will need to pay attention to your bedroom if you are receiving bed bug treatment. Bedding and other personal items should be removed from all bedrooms. Use the warmest water to wash your linens. After your pest control treatment, don’t change your bedding for less than four hours.


Access to your home is essential for exterminators. After you have cleaned up infected areas, it’s time to reorganize your home to make the job of your exterminator easier.

All furniture and appliances should be moved away from the walls. You should keep large items at least three to four feet away from windows and walls. This allows exterminators to have more room to examine for signs of insect activity.


Vacuum carpets and hardwood floors to get rid of visible pests and eggs. Your pest control treatment will be more effective if you mop regularly. This will ensure that your long-term results are better. When vacuuming, pay attention to cracks and entry points.

Don’t forget about cleaning your vacuum cleaner and other cleaning tools after you finish cleaning. You can take any disposable bags and clothes outside. Wrap them in plastic and throw them out in the trash.


You don’t have to worry if you live in rural areas. However, if you have neighbours, let them know about your pest control treatment.

There are several reasons you should speak to your neighbours about pests.

First, certain people are more susceptible to pesticide poisoning. These include:

Young children

Nursing women or pregnant

Senior adults

Asthma sufferers and severe allergic reactions

It’s best to inform your neighbours about what’s happening so they are on the safe side. You can inform your neighbours if they are at risk of experiencing a pesticide reaction. They can then take the necessary precautions to protect their health.

If you live in close proximity to the infestation, pests may be also wreaking havoc on your home. This means that exterminators are able to treat your neighbours as well.

In case of emergency, your neighbours need to know about the treatment. To prevent pesticide spray from getting into your home, you may have to close all windows and doors if you are having outside treatments.

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