What do you need to know about commercial plumbing valves?

Do you know everything about commercial plumbing valves?

Plumbing is a system which conveys different types of fluids for a broad range of applications. Plumbing systems consist of varied products. It is one of the best devices that direct or control the fluid’s flow by closing, opening or through a partial obstruction. These valves are mechanical devices which can effectively control the pressure and flow of any fluid in the process or system. If you want to control pressure as well as flow, use commercial plumbing valves.

What are plumbing valves?

Plumbing valves can be found in both industrial and household plumbing. They are used for changing, regulating or shutting off the water flow in an emergency. It is considered to be a vital component of a plumbing system. Plumbing valves come in varied styles with unique designs and serve function with efficiency. Plumbing valves are a kind of fittings which allow for controlling, regulating & directing fluid going through the pipe. Commercial plumbing valves are used for most commercial applications. These valves are constructed out from a broad variety of materials such as cast iron, plastic, lead-free brass, steel etc.

What are some of the most plumbing valves used?

Have a glance at the most commonly used commercial plumbing valves:

  1. Ball valves

Ball valves are shut-off valves which control the fluid’s flow through a rotary ball. The ball gets rotated through a handle situated on the valves’ top portion. These types of plumbing valves are commonly used as shut-off valves and are famous for their durability, reliability and speed. Ball valves are used in residential, commercial and industrial applications for turning the water on & off with no pressure drop. These valves create watertight sealing within the valves by avoiding fluid escaping. For emergency applications, these kinds of commercial plumbing valves are good to use where water is required to cut off fast and easily.

  1. Gate valves

Gate valves are another type of shut-off valve which are well-equipped with a wedge-like metal gate which users can lower to stop water flow & raise to permit fluid flow to continue. These valves are controlled with the help of a wheel-shaped knob located on the valves’ top portion. One of the best advantages of using gate valves is preventing water hammers. The design of gate valves is simple and allows fluid to pass straight through.

  1. Butterfly valves

Butterfly valves are also shut-off valves used for isolating as well as regulating water flow. There is a rotating disc right in the middle of butterfly valves. You can find butterfly valves in household plumbing as these are compact and light in weight and take very less space.

  1. Globe valves

Globe valves can be used for closing, opening and regulating fluids’ flow. These valves are constructed for throttling & modulating the flow of water. You can use globe valves in those applications where water flow requires continuous regulation.

We hope now you know more about commercial plumbing valves. These valves allow full flow or halt of fluids inside the pipe and can regulate pressure and flow. You can reach out to a leading supplier of plumbing valves in the UAE.


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