What is IoT: Features and Uses

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To begin with, IoT stands for the Internet of Things. It consists of a network of devices and technologies that connects and facilitates communication between the devices and the cloud, and between the devices themselves. In addition, it is useful in various industries and organizations as it helps in operating more efficiently and better understanding customers.

Features Of IoT

IoT is highly beneficial for an organization as it allows to monitor their overall business processes. In addition, it improves the customer experience and enhances the employee’s productivity. It is applicable across different industries and it helps in saving time and money. Moreover, this technology is capable of integrating and adapting business models, making better business decisions, and generating more revenue. Organizations implement this technology as it allows them to access information from anywhere at any time on any device.

Above all, IoT facilitates improvement in communication between electronic devices that are connected and saves money and time by transferring data packets over an interconnected network. Thus, resulting in improving the quality of business services with reduced human interference. To further know about it, one can visit IoT Training in Delhi. Given below are some of the features of IoT.

  • Connectivity- It refers to the methods useful in connecting IoT devices such as applications, sensors, trackers, gateways, and network routers.
  • Things- A thing is a physical object that has a unique identifier and is embedded with various technologies for connecting and exchanging data with other devices.
  • Data- This technology is capable of monitoring and measuring data in real-time for devices that connect with it. In addition, it uses sensors for tracking the conditions of physical things to collect data.
  • Communication- It facilitates improvement and effectiveness in communication between the interconnected devices. In addition, it allows these devices to collect and exchange data.
  • Intelligence- The confluence of IoT and Artificial Intelligence in a business can help in creating intelligent machines that can simulate smart behavior and make better decisions.
  • Ecosystem- IoT is itself an ecosystem as it is a vast network of connected and interdependent devices and technologies. In addition, it also connects with big data and cloud computing.

Uses Of IoT

IoT accelerates innovation in a company and provides it access to advanced analytics for uncovering new opportunities. In addition, it is capable of converting the gathered data into insights with the help of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. Moreover, this technology optimizes performance, improves efficiency, and reduces safety risks. Due to these, features and benefits, this technology has uses in multiple sectors and fields. There are many IoT Training Institute in Noida and one can enroll in them to learn this technology. Given below are some of the sectors that use IoT.

  • Manufacturing- This technology is useful in the manufacturing sector for reducing unplanned downtime and wearable technology for improving worker safety.
  • Automobile- Automobile sectors use it for providing 3D real-time images of internal vehicle components. In addition, it also facilitates quick diagnostics and troubleshooting.
  • Logistics and transport- This technology is helpful in supply chain management such as inventory management, vendor relationships, fleet management, and scheduled maintenance.
  • Retail- Retail sectors use this technology for tracking, locating, sorting, and moving products. In addition, it provides visibility to the retailers and allows them to monitor the condition and movement of their products.
  • Smart Homes- It is one of the most practical applications of IoT and it merges intelligent utility systems and entertainment. In addition, using this technology with smart devices helps in improving the house’s security.
  • Telehealth- Telehealth does not use this technology to its full extent however, it uses it for enabling digital communication of Medical Imaging and Remote Medical Diagnosis & Evaluations.

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