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What is the Best Way to Download Instagram Photos, Videos and IGTV Videos Online?

We always want to find out the easiest and the best way to accomplish whatever we need. Therefore, having a perfect tool to download Instagram photos, videos and IGTV videos as well would be great. What we bring will surely help you with what you wish. We call it DownloadGram Online Downloader. It is a very small online application. Any Instagram post can download using the tool in minutes. It can open on whatever device using web browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera.

People may have got various reasons to collect photos and videos from social media. But, in accordance with the Copyright rules of Instagram, nobody can save a single file from their platform. Those who tried may be fed up with saving media unless they met DownloadGram Online Downloader. Of Course, DownloadGram is what we found as the most excellent and also a user-friendly Instagram downloader. Here is everything you should know about the tool.

DownloadGram Online Downloader

What’s more?

DownloadGram Online Downloader can find a certain photograph or video that is related to a URL. Therefore, when the user applies a link to a post, DownloadGram Instagram Downloader will arrange a preview of the file that is prepared to download for further information about the user. If it is not the photo that you wish to download, just cancel or confirm to download.

Moreover, DownloadGram knows the value of getting a copy of a quality photograph or video. Thus, it will not create a file that reduced the quality. We will guide you on how to download media using DownloadGram Online Downloader.

This is not a tool only for downloading Instagram photos. Of course, you can download video clips and IGTV related videos as well. Users can use the tool for thousands of downloads. But all photos and videos cannot download at once. It should be done one by one.

A copy of the Instagram post link should enter into the download bar of the tool. So it will explore the file and prepare it for download. During the download process, the tool will convert file formats as well.  


  • The tool only contains a download bar and a download button that anyone can easily go through
  • It does not ask the user to register or sign up when getting ready to use
  • DownloadGram Online Downloader saves the true quality of photos and videos that download through
  • Anyone can use it as a web-based tool using a smartphone or PC
  • So the operating system is no longer a barrier. It welcomes all leading systems like Android, iOS, Mac OS X, Windows, and so on
  • DownloadGram Downloader is completely free and a safe platform
  • It transforms Instagram file formats into readable media formats such as MP4 and JPG

The quick guide to DownloadGram Online Downloader

  • Are you ready to download Instagram photos, videos, and IGTV videos using DownloadGram Online Downloader? Here we go.
  • Tap on the Instagram app and open it. If you are using a computer, you can use the web version of Instagram
  • Search the shared post using hashtags or just go to the relevant profile. Or else, if it is a new post, just scroll down and go to the post
  • You will see three dots in the top right corner. Click it and select the “Copy link” option. The URL that Instagram gives to the specific media file will copy to the clipboard
  • Go ahead and search DownloadGram Online Downloader using the web browser
  • If you are a desktop user, then it is easy to open a new tab on the browser and search the DownloadGram web page
  • Once the DownloadGram website is opened, you can see the download bar and the “Download Now” button clearly
  • Just paste the copied one and tap the download button as well
  • Within a couple of seconds, a preview will display
  • Confirm the download once again using the “Download” button at the bottom
  • Then the file will save to the smartphone or PC

Special notes

  • Connect to a proper internet connection during the entire process is important
  • Do not neglect updates of the Instagram app before using it for every single thing supports a better download process
  • No need to convert files after downloading them. DownloadGram Online Downloader converts its downloads into proper formats like JPG and MP4
  • It supports unlimited downloads
  • Do not skip confirming the preview to download. It is the most important step of the process. If you won’t, the file will not be able to save to the device
  • And remember not to ignore the preview. It is the only place where you can confirm that you entered the correct URL related to the photo or the video you wish to download
  • If the smartphone storage is not enough to download the file, DownloadGram Online Downloader cannot continue the process. This mostly happened when users are getting ready to download video clips
  • But, DownloadGram Instagram Downloader cannot support you to download any other file apart from Instagram

Wrapping up

From now onwards do not disappoint for not having a download option on Instagram. You have the simple DownloadGram Online Download as a perfect replacement. Of course, we can bring it to you like the best Instagram Downloader that has ever been found. Users cannot that easily find out a perfect tool to download Instagram photos, videos, and IGTV videos since there are so many similar suggestions in the market. But, there is no doubt that DownloadGram is going to be the best of the best. Downloading any sharing of Instagram is quite simple with DownloadGram Online Downloader.  

The team behind DownloadGram Online Downloader monitors its performance and improves regularly. For DownloadGram is a web page, it does not ask users to update their devices with recent updates. For the same reason, users do not have to worry about installing it on their devices.

Credits for developing an advanced tool and offering it as a free tool go to the DownloadGram team. It is not a sponsored tool of Instagram. It is completely a third-party offer. 

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