What is the Best Way to Pay My Credit Card Bill Online?

What is the credit card payment procedure? Do you prefer to pay online or in-person? How do you pay your credit card bill online if you pay online? Because there are so many ways to pay credit card bills online, most credit card users prefer online banking.

When paying credit card bills, internet banking is preferred over other payment methods in several ways. There are several benefits, and web banking payments can be made via mobile banking, auto-debit, electronic bill payment, debit cards, NCB, RTGS, IMPS, and NEFT. Each of these options has advantages that can help you pay credit card bills online.

Methods for Paying Your Credit Card Bill Online

Online banking has simplified the banking process and is now available in nearly all Indian banks. Some Indian banks offer online payment channels via third-party bill payment services. You can pay your credit card bill online using one of the methods listed below.

  • Credit Cards

The most popular method of paying a credit card bill online with a debit card is through a payment portal or online channel that only accepts debit card payments. Online debit card payments can be made using most banks’ ‘Click to Pay’ services.

Others accept only their debit cards, while others accept debit cards from other banks as well. A credit card bill can be paid online with a debit card, saving you time over other offline payments that require you to make a physical trip.

  • Net Banking

Other banks’ net banking services are another option for indirectly accepting debit card payments online. It is useful for making credit card payments from one bank using the debit card of another.

Although you may not be able to make direct debit card payments through the net banking facility, you may be able to do so through the linked account if you have registered with your bank for the service.

  • NEFT

Online credit card payment can be made using any net banking account via NEFT funds transfers. Credit card bills can be paid using another bank’s internet banking account. You can use this service to transfer funds from your savings account to your credit card account. Before you can begin NEFT funds transfers, you must add your credit card as a ‘Biller’ or ‘Beneficiary.’ Credit card payments require a unique IFSC code.

  • IMPS

You must first download your banking institution’s mobile app before you can see how to pay bills of credit card online. After you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll need to sign in with your credentials. You will receive an IMPS payment link once you have logged in.

  • Automatic Debit

You can be sure to pay your credit card bills on time if you have a net banking account for your savings account. Your savings or current account holder’s bank will automatically deduct your credit card bill each month on the same day if you have an automatic debit facility.

During registration, you can choose whether to pay the minimum or the total amount. Following registration, the credit card will be automatically debited on the payment’s due date.

  • Mobile Wallets and Apps

Mobile wallets and payment systems have recently launched platforms that accept credit card online payments. Credit card bills can be paid using Paytm, Mobikwik, PhonePe, BHIM/UPI, and other mobile payment platforms. Payments via these platforms do not require any special registration.

Install the app, connect your debit or savings account, recharge your wallet, enter your credit card information, and pay with your card. Use the Unified Payments Interface, a QR-based payment interface system (UPI). Most banks even have a dedicated mobile app for customers to use when making online credit card payments.

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