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What Is The Importance Of The Covid Antibody Test?

The virus has carried so many lives and comes in different variants. Some variants are so deadly that they can take a person’s life in hours. The test can be helpful in various ways. The covid antibody test in arleta helps you know if you have been infected with a disease in the past or not. These tests have been done for coronavirus. 

What is antibody testing?

The test used to identify a past infection is known as serology testing or antibody testing. The serology test takes a blood sample, which is tested to identify if the body has antibodies in it or not. Antibodies are created by our body when a virus attacks it. These antibodies help our body fight the virus if it tries to attack again. These antibodies fight off the virus and remove it from the body. Antibodies are what is created when we get a vaccination. Suppose you get a flu-based vaccination. These antibodies will enter the system and work as a defense system to eradicate the disease.

Types of antibodies

The type of antibodies that are created when a body gets affected by coronavirus is IgG antibodies. The other type of antibodies includes IgM antibodies that are created once a person gets infected with a virus. So, if you were present at a place that later that day announced the cases of coronavirus, then you should go for an antibody test after 14 days. The test is important for you to take even if you don’t experience any illness or symptoms. As some people are asymptomatic, they get affected by the virus and don’t show signs of any illness.

Importance of the Covid antibody test in Arleta

The importance of covid antibody testing can be determined by some of the following points:

  • Antibodies’ results are important as they are the only way the scientist can understand the working of the complex virus. The DNA of this virus changes from person to person. For some, it stays the same, and for some, it changes. However, the reason for this can only get understood by the information collected by the antibodies test results.
  • They help understand some facts, like what makes people asymptomatic when they come across the virus. If they have a specific type of DNA or something.
  • Antibody testing is important for people, as they can know their condition. Some people who have antibodies donate their blood to seriously ill people. Such blood helped them recover quickly from the virus.
  • The government can make new policies according to the information collected from these results. They can make the curfew strict and light as they think it will be the best.


The Covid antibody test in Arleta determines whether you have covid antibodies or not. They are used to detect past infections and not current ones. Antibodies have many types. The coronavirus antibodies are IgG antibodies (formed once a person gets recovered). These antibodies stay in the body for some months. The importance of antibody testing includes several points. The antibody testing takes 2 minutes, and the results will be out in a day or two. 

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