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What is the most popular nail shape for 2023?

In addition to all the other good resolutions the start of the year is also the time to take care of your Spring Nail Colors. Start fresh with a trendy winter 2023 nail manicure! There are so many new nail art ideas to try that it’s really hard to choose just one.

The dominant colors are blues, golds, silvers and whites. And if you are ever a fan of red nails, you will be really spoiled: all the varieties of red are really on top for the season

Manicure Artists

Manicure Artists

According to pro manicure artists, diamonds are a nail trend that will not only dominate this season, but will also remain throughout the year.

It doesn’t matter if you wear your nails short or long, manicures encrusted with jewels, diamonds and gemstones are a must for the month of January.

But after all, what could be better than a nail decoration that goes with the accessories you wear?

It’s Not Something New, But It Works Every Time:

Metallic shades are a really big nail trend to try right now! Just open your Instagram and you will see plenty of girls who have already opted for metallic shades and the result is really beautiful. Plus, it’s really easy to recreate this trend at home!

He glazed donut nails, that is to say the glazed donut nails appeared this summer. However, it is now turning into a really big nail trend using a bit warmer approach.

So, expect to see the same glossy finish but in brown, green and red shades that are more appropriate for the season. You can also try this trend easily at home using nail polish in pearl shades.

Dark red is undoubtedly an easy choice for the cold season. But this year dark reds are a very big winter 2023 nail trend that you absolutely have to try. The best reds for the season are rich but cool and very close to black.

Spring Nail Colors white shades are an obvious choice for the cold season. The white color will take on much more transparent aspects. Milky whites stand out much more than transparent neutrals. They look great on short, naturally shaped nails for a super clean, well-groomed look.

French Manicure in Dark Shades

French Manicure in Dark Shades

If you want to change a little from the classic French manicure, for this season the French in dark shades is a very big nail trend. Choose a milky or transparent base and a dark shade for the tips of the nails.

To perform such a manicure, first apply the transparent shade to the entire nail. Then apply the dark, rich shade to the tips of the nails in two coats. Finish by applying another layer of the transparent shade.

Trendy Textured Nails

According to pro artists, those who love nail art are going to have a lot of fun and play with different textures this season.

You can try micro-glitter finishes or other decorations. A simple, matte nail polish is also an easy way to change the look of your nails and have a beautiful manicure. A very good idea is to marry a matte base with golden 3D accents for a wow effect.

Jewelry shades

An everlasting option, there’s a reason jewel shades always come back in style year after year. Rich jewel shades with depth and lots of shine are a great option for winter.

Choose between reds, greens or mustard shades for even more effect.

Minimalist nail decoration

Subtle gems, studs and other appliqué details are going to be a really big nail trend, according to the pros. Think delicate decorations and design.

We saw so many lavishly decorated nails last fall, but for this winter less is more. Sometimes it is worth choosing simplicity to create an even more impressive and very chic result in Spring Nail Colors.

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