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What is Yoga asana: Ancient Science?

Know the detail of the definition of what is a yoga asana from the fact that a total of 84 lakh asanas are considered. According to the tradition of yoga scriptures, there are so many yoga asanas. But we know about very few of these rugs.

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Definition of yoga asana

Asanas are an important part of yoga. Asana means to calm the mind and keep the body in a happy state. In other words, it is easy to stay in the same position for as long as possible without any pain.

There are total 84 lakh asanas

Most people are unable to answer what is yoga and how many yoga asanas are there. According to the tradition of our sages and yoga scriptures, there are total 84 lakh asanas. All these asanas are known by the names of different creatures. We know of very few of these rugs. Of these, only 84 asanas are considered to be the main ones. Even among them, at present only 20 asanas are famous, which people can easily do.

2 types of asanas

On the basis of the way of doing these asanas, they are divided into 2 classes.

  1. Dynamic Posture
  2. Stable posture

1. Dynamic Posture

Dynamic postures are those postures in which the body remains in motion with strength.

2. Stable posture

Static posture is the posture in which the exercise is performed with little or no movement of the body. While practicing the asana, the time and range of the position is gradually increased.

Each asana has different health benefits. Different postures have also been told to get rid of different diseases. Different asanas affect different parts of the body. To take full advantage of them, it is necessary that you practice yoga asanas only under the supervision of a trained yoga trainer.

Meditation on chakras

While doing any asana, you have to focus on the different set chakras. In any one asana, one has to concentrate on one chakra. Due to this, that asana has a special effect only on certain parts of the body. For example, while doing Bhujangasana, you have to pay attention to the Vishuddhi Chakra.

Mantra chanting while yoga asana

Very few people know about chanting while doing yoga. There are many asanas which have to be chanted while doing some special mantras. As you must have seen, various special mantras are recited in Surya namaskar.

There are 2 types of Kumbhaka to be done while doing asanas

Most of the postures are such in which we have to hold our breath. While doing asanas, we have to hold the breath by bringing the body in one position. The process of holding this breath is called Kumbhaka. If the breath is stopped by exhaling, it is called Bahri Kumbhaka, but if the breath is stopped by inhaling it is called Abhyantara Kumbhaka. Apart from this, there are also such asanas in yoga in which you can stay in one position and keep breathing.

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