What Makes Hyundai DC Inverter Air Conditioner The Best?

DC Inverter Air Conditioner

Today, everyone is trying to get a DC Inverter Air Conditioner because it saves money and works wonderfully under all weather conditions. Unlike the non-inverter type, DC Inverter is the top-notch technology right now. Hyundai Power works diligently to make DC Inverter ACs the best in town.

They add high-end features, and advanced technology that makes them superior to other manufacturers. In this article, we will walk you through the different features of Hyundai DC Inverter AC, so you may use yours to its full capacity.

How DC Inverter Air Conditioners Work?

DC Inverter Air Conditioners work wonders because they do not use any mainstream compressor. In fact, this compressor works continuously. This continuous working ensures effective performance and efficient cooling. In non-inverter type the compressor stops working as soon as it achieves the set temperature.

Due to this reason, the temperature of the room drops quickly as well as it consumes more power. Because when the compressor starts again it consumes 3 times more power than the usual, costing you a lot of money in electricity bills.

The compressor in DC Inverter AC works tirelessly. When the temperature of the room reaches its desired result, it slows down its speed and works along with the fan. It fires up again only when the temperature begins to rise. This mechanism has bundles of benefits.

Benefits of DC Inverter AC

The mechanism on which DC Inverter AC works prevents the machine from rotting or corroding. Since the machine does not have to start and stop several times, it does not have to work a lot. Hence, it ensures machine’s durability. Moreover, as the machine does not consume a lot of power, it is cost effective.

Similarly, when the machine starts with a bang it makes noise. This noise is unbearable when you are sleeping. DC Inverter AC works silently and makes sure that you comfortable at all times.

Hyundai DC Inverter Air Conditioner

Hyundai makes sure to enhance all these benefits and advantages by incorporating high end features and advanced technology that ensures peace, comfort, and stability at all times. For instance, the coils are usually exposed to water or moisture, so Hyundai uses gold fin technology.

Meaning, that they cover the coils with gold so the corrosion does not occur and protect them for as long as possible. Moreover, they also use twin rotator compressor and a technology similar to T3. These technologies ensure a long life of the machine as well as your comfort.


Moreover, they have included features that enhances the performance of these Air Conditioners. For instance, they have laced them with turbo cooling, 5 fan speed, 4D Swing Function, Long Air Throw, and I Set & I Feel Function. All these functions combined make sure that your AC works wonders. No matter it is scorching summers or chilly winters. They are adamant to work superb. Moreover, the list of these amazing features does not end here.

In order to save you from spending a lot of time in taking care of the machine, Hyundai has installed Silver Ions, with High Density Filters, and Self or Auto Cleaning function, enhanced with Filter Cleaning reminders. Hyundai understands the necessity of clean air amidst such pollution.

So, Silver Ions make sure that you get clean and fresh air to breath. Other functions ensures that the machine does not start to act up anytime soon and you get the best experience using Hyundai Air Conditioners.

Price of Hyundai Air Conditioners

Due to several benefits, DC Inverter ACs are expensive in market. Hyundai, on the other hand, has laced them with several features that has enhanced their performance and made them one of a kind. Still, Hyundai DC Inverter Air Conditioners are quite affordable. The price varies according to the tonnage of the AC, for instance, 1 Ton AC, 1.5 Ton AC and 2 Ton AC, varies in price, yet offer similar features.

Moreover, the next difference comes in the series. Hyundai has introduced different series that are laced with distinct features and works equally wonderful. These series include, Aster Series, A Series, Flair Series, Vogue Series, Elegant Series, and Maestro Series.

Hence, visit Hyundai Power today, and get the best DC Inverter Air Conditioner for your living space.

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