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What should you look for while selecting a childcare centre?

Choosing a childcare centre is not an easy task. There are so many things that you need to consider while choosing one, and if you don’t do your homework, then there are chances that your child could be unsafe or unhappy at the centre. So, if you are looking for childcare centres in Preston or any other Australian city, this article can be pretty informative.

The following points will help you in finding the best childcare centre for your child:

Your child’s age

If a child is under the age of three, they are in the toddler stage. Toddlers need to be with other children their age because they like to play and learn from each other. They also need lots of activities that will help them grow and develop.

Location and timings of the centre

Location and timings of the centre are essential when selecting a childcare centre. If you work outside of your home, it’s vital that your child is dropped off or picked up from school at times that fit in with your working hours. You also want to ensure that the centre is close to your house so you don’t have to travel long distances daily.

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Facilities offered by the centre

As a parent, you will spend much time at the centre. Therefore, you should ensure that the facilities offered by the centre are of good quality and cleanliness. Some of the facilities which must have in a childcare centre are:

  • The play area is one of the most important things to consider when selecting a childcare centre. The play area should have enough space, toys, and other physical activities like running around, playing and jumping on furniture, etc.

Teachers at the centre

The teachers at your chosen centre should be trained and certified. They should also be friendly and caring and have a good rapport with the children. The teachers at the centre should be well versed with the latest teaching methods and techniques so that they can impart them to their students effectively. It would also be ideal if your child’s teacher were aware of their unique needs.


Safety and hygiene at the centre

For you to trust the centre with your child, it must have a good health and safety policy. You can also check their emergency procedures by looking for signs like fire extinguishers and first-aid kits. Be sure to ask other parents about their experiences at the centre.


There are several childcare centres in Preston, so you must take the right decision after considering the safety factor. Accidents and negligence in daycare centres have resulted in the hospitalisation of over 1000 children in the previous year.

It is essential to do thorough research before you commit to a childcare centre

It would help if you also had in-depth conversations with the staff members at each centre. It is essential for you to know about their background, their experience and if they have any training or qualifications in child care. When selecting an appropriate daycare centre for your child, the teacher-to-student ratio should also be considered.


Hope this article has helped you understand the various aspects to look for when choosing a childcare centre for your child. It is not just about finding a good centre but also ensuring that your child is comfortable and secure. Check the safety measures taken by the centre before enrolling your child there. This will ensure their well-being and give parents peace of mind.

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