What Size Is Heras Fence Cover To Get Maximum Performance Of Sales?

Heras fencing scrims and banners are great to connect and separate areas of an event or make perimeter walls. This makes them ideal to control crowds at big outdoor events, while also providing an affordable platform for promoting your company’s image or message(scaffold banners).

Heras fence banners cover measures 3370mm 1755mm. Heras fence covers are made to be used with a Heras fence panel that is 3.45m wide and 2m tall. While Heras is an established brand, fencing covers for building sites come from a variety of manufacturers.

It is therefore recommended to measure your fence panels prior to purchasing any fence banners printed on mesh to ensure that you are getting the right size, since different manufacturers can differ in their designs.

What Is The Size Of A Standard Heras Fence Cover?

Banner world manufactures heras banners in dimensions of 3370mm wide by 1755mm in height. We have determined this to be the ideal size to ensure that you can ensure that your Heras fence cover will fit comfortably in the frame. Printing Heras cover for fences that’s too large or too large can cause damage to(scaffold banners).

Large banners can be prone to rubbing against the fence, damaging your fence’s banner. We suggest that banners are made at 3370mm x1755mm. After being fitted, the banner is firmly attached to the frame, much like drum skins, which limit the movement

Heras Fencing Wraps

We also offer lengths of all of our Heras fencing banners. We suggest lengths that are no greater than 17.5metres or five full panels. Due to the weight and size of Heras fence wraps; we suggest making your long fencing banners using our polyester air mesh.

Fabric made of Air Mesh is durable and light, which makes it the perfect material for fence banners with long lengths. Contact us regarding the price for our Heras fencing wrap banners.

Heras Fence Panel Corners

Our standard fencing covers are fitted with 45-degree cut angles. However, we can create fencing covers that have square-topped edges. If you need square-cut edges, please include a note on the order form when you make your order through our website.

Heras Fence Is Covered With Eyelets

Our heras fencing banners include a complete hem, as well as galvanised steel eyelets providing the highest level of weather resistance and strength. The eyelet ‘s internal diameter is 11 millimetres.

What Is The Best Material For An Heras Fence Cover?

We print onto x3 distinct mesh materials. All have edges that are hemmed. Each material offers its own benefits. Check out the entire range here(scaffold banners).

Standard Mesh Fencing Covers

The standard scaffold banners fencing covers are extremely popular and ideal for branding your site with a limited budget. Standard 330gsm gives you the standard airflow characteristics. Because the air holes are more tightly packed, they give the appearance of a solid structure. The colours are more dense and vibrant colours(scaffold banners)

Premium Fabric Mesh Fence Cover

The premium Heras fences can be washed in the machine and foldable. This means that you can use them and put them in storage and fold them up for the next project. It is light and folds easily and is ideal to store and reuse.

Additionally, this product has high levels of airflow characteristics. Printing with dye sublimation ensures that this product has vibrant prints which are durable and colourfast. Additionally, the fabric is dyed with ink which means that colours are in the fabric.

Air Mesh Air Covers For More Airflow

We offer Air Mesh fence covers that allow additional airflow and are able to hold more holes than the regular mesh. The air mesh PVC fencing covers are our preferred choice for banners that are subject to harsh weather conditions.

As this product is larger in holes, this means that there’s less printed face, meaning that the colours have less density. The banners we print follow Heras fence banners using UV printing technology. UV provides a tough and durable printed face that can be scratch- and face proof.

How High Is The Heras HSG Fence?

Panel Dimensions Size: 2000mm Height Width : 3500mm. Finish as standard: Galvanised Heavy duty 38.1mm all-round frame Downloads Installation instructions Read these installation guidelines here.. Wind Loading assistance is available(scaffold banners).

Why Is It That You Require Stabilisers For Heras Fencing?

Stabilisers join to the fence at 1485 mm. They are joined to adjacent panels with the coupler. By using anti-tamper couplers, security, and stability, is improved. Because the stability in the fencing panel is a crucial element for security and safety, however, in certain situations, the chance of falling is also diminished.

How Do The Trays Attach With Heras Fencing?

Trays are easy to set up and are attached at the bottom with an adjustable support bar which is connected to the tray with the temporary foot blocks. Weights made by two fencing feet are then employed to weigh the tray down. Alternatively, to let board in the long run concrete could be employed.

Do You Want To Buy Or Hire?


For a one-time, temporary usage, hiring provides an excellent value for money because it isn’t a burden to maintain or store the panels in the future.

For long-term use or for repeat usage across multiple sites, purchasing the Heras fencing panels you require will be affordable if carried out on a cost-per-use basis especially when you consider the possibility to offer advertisements on your fence panels and recover some of the costs over the course of time.

Time scales

There are two things to take into consideration when deciding on the length of time: the length of time fencing is required and how fast you’ll need it.

If you are planning a small-scale event like an annual fair on weekends hiring shelf wobbler could work perfectly since they can be delivered on very short notice and then collected swiftly following the event to ensure the greatest convenience, particularly in the event that the venue for the outdoor event has been hired as well and needs to be cleared fast.

Following The Event

If your occasion is expected to take place in a series, then purchasing fencing could be the best option. Once you own it the fence is always accessible to you, and it can be relocated from one site to the next without having to incur storage costs.

In time, this could help you save money by avoiding hiring each time; however you should take into account the need for storage on occasion and ongoing maintenance, based on the way and location you intend to use your fencing.

Expertise Removal And Erection

If the fencing is hired it is delivered and set up for you, in total conformity with the statutory requirements and safely removed after removal.

When you are purchasing your temporary fencing panels, regardless of whether you intend on making use of them for many years in the future, it’s vital to keep in mind that it requires a skilled team to build an unsecure, safe boundary that meets the stringent local as well as the national guidelines for health and safety and rules.

While it may be cheaper to purchase a long-term solution for use over a long period, be sure to take into account the hidden costs of insurance and training for employees who will be responsible for setting up and maintaining your fence according to safety standards, so that you can avoid risks and liabilities for your company.


Of course, along with giving you advice on the right security fencing option for your event or site the majority of professional temporary fencing and security firms will be happy to help to estimate the cost to hire or buy fencing.

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