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What things to look for when hiring a commercial building inspector

The decision to buy a home is one of the most significant investments you will ever make. But not everyone knows what to look for when selecting a commercial building inspector. When buying a property, you spend thousands of dollars, so it’s best to hire a building inspector. As the building, inspect the property and let you know whether it is worth buying that property or not.

When buying a house, a building inspection is an essential step in buying and negotiating process. A building inspector analyzes house components (roofing, plumbing, insulation, heating) and detects hidden issues.

The presence of foundation issues, iron Rocher, asbestos, and radon are all issues you should consider before buying a property. However, an experienced certified home inspector can detect these hidden defects.

Things to Consider when hiring a commercial building inspector

Whenever you search for a building inspector in Mesquite, TX, you’ll find dozens of options. However, how do you find one that is reliable and experienced?

This article will teach you to consider when hiring a commercial building inspector.

·       Should Provide the building inspection report on time

Your inspector should be able to provide you with a building inspection report within a reasonable timeframe, which does not mean that it should take longer than it needs to. Building inspection reports are usually delivered within 48 hours of the end of an inspection, so beware if the inspector offers to provide one afterward.

·       Should have relevant experience, certification, and training as a building inspector

A certified professional building inspection is essential since it provides a detailed, accurate property assessment. Building inspectors typically have Licensed Builders who understand the ins and outs of sound home construction. Each licensed builder has a license number and is required to provide you with it upon request.

Choosing your building inspector should be done carefully since purchasing a commercial building involves a heavy investment. When choosing a commercial building inspector, ensure that the inspectors are experienced and trained professionals to conduct comprehensive assessments of the building as their report provides helpful information about the present condition of the building.

·       Look for whether they are insured or not.

You should always ensure that a professional building inspector you hire should be adequately insured. They should offer Professional Indemnity to cover any advice they provide and Public Liability to cover any damage caused to third parties.

·       No Real Estate Agent Recommendation

If a real estate agent refers you to a building inspector, don’t hire him. Due to the real estate agent’s commission structure, it would be foolish to hire an inspector whose sole purpose is to provide a recommendation while making a commission.

·       Should offer follow-up support

You should be aware of inspection services that don’t offer post-inspection follow-up or charge extra for reviewing their findings.

However, RSH engineering provides a post-inspection debriefing where we review our report findings and answer your questions. Our mission is to help you make the right decision by checking the finer details of the building.


When choosing a building inspection company, make sure that these factors are present to minimize unwanted risks.

Look no further than RSH Engineering if you are looking for a commercial building inspection since we have a long-standing reputation for providing professional property inspections in Mesquite, TX, with 25+ years of experience. This is because our certified home inspectors and registered builders have the knowledge and expertise to carry out a thorough inspection.

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