WhatsApp Marketing Software to Help You Distribute Bulk Messages

WhatsApp, which is still the most popular messaging software, has amassed a large number of users all over the world. For businesses that engage with buyers and clients on a regular basis, the messenger application is a highly dependable platform.  Despite the fact that WhatsApp does not support any form of publication, it is critical to use the technology responsibly and in accordance with the law. 

A variety of user-friendly and free WhatsApp marketing software or applications can be used to send bulk messages to potential clients. In addition to text messages, these technologies allow you to link photographs, videos, and PDF files.

WhatsApp Messenger does not accept unsolicited messages. As a result, being innovative and employing ethical campaign techniques to reach the target market is beneficial. One method is to employ software like Whatso or RapBooster, or any other free WhatsApp marketing software, that uses WhatsApp Web and automates it via a browser. 

Finding the appropriate Whatsapp Marketing Malaysia Software for your business has never been easier or faster! Compare rates, ratings, and features to find the best applications, and receive a free consultation.

The advantages of using free Whatsapp marketing software: 

Benefit from the features of free WhatsApp marketing software to take your sales to the next level. Every saas business owner recognises the importance of sales, and WhatsApp marketing software can help you boost your sales. These days, the best channel for information is social media policies, and it is vital to use these tools to keep ahead of the opposition. The following are the most significant advantages of using free WhatsApp marketing software:

Client Commitment: 

As the Software allows for a larger audience, client commitment is updated and developed.

Label Positioning: 

As your client base grows, your label’s standing in the industry is likely to improve as well, as your production is now more visible. 

CRM Management: 

Maintaining client relationships is critical to making your brand more customer-friendly and increasing revenue. 

Team Development: 

Use the floor to build a dependable team that is appealing, dynamic, and always comes up with new ideas. 

Tracking Location: 

Make your company’s area available to clients/buyers so they may easily approach their destination. The more convenient it is for customers to reach you, the higher your sales potential.


Analytics is required to determine whether or not a customer or buyer has read a piece of critical information. 

Send your completed guidelines to: 

Client information about promotional displays, announcements, projects, and publications can be easily transferred with free Whatsapp marketing software.

You should use WhatsApp Marketing Software.

Whatso is a marketing tool for WhatsApp. 

With over 25,000 users worldwide, Whatso is one of the most popular free bulk WhatsApp sender programmes among the Free WhatsApp marketing tools accessible. Using the latest anti-blocking technology, one of the most important marketing methods for mid and small enterprises is to improve user interaction and increase sales. 

Pros and Cons of Whatso:


  • Use the Software’s greatest message forwarding tool to quickly communicate promotional material. 
  • The license key will arrive in your mailbox in 5 minutes, allowing you to begin using it right away. 
  • Chat support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist


  • Only for desktop computers. There is no web application. 
  • After purchasing, you’ll have to wait 5 minutes for the license key to be generated.

WhatsHash (Vepaar): A free WhatsApp Marketing Software

WhatsHash is a WhatsApp business web app with advanced CRM features that allow users to semi-automate their business activities. It is currently know as vepaar. The software allows users to easily create customer accounts, provide personalized service, answer promptly, save media and messages, conduct surveys, set up their business pages, and develop e-commerce sites. Additionally, users can conduct a variety of promotions and contests to assist grow their business by increasing client participation. 

Users must have a WhatsApp business account, which they may use to create new leads and react to client questions through the service. In addition, this software also enables users to take full advantage of WhatsApp Business features and communicate with clients fast and easily.

Pros and Cons of Whatshash


  • WhatsApp based ticketing policy.
  • Provides the shop function.


  • Images cannot be customized

WappBlaster: A free WhatsApp Marketing Software

WappBlaster is a free WhatsApp marketing software and tool that sends out a large number of messages at once, allowing users to send customized messages to potential clients in real time without being blacklist or label as spam. To make their communications more appealing, users can include photographs and videos. 

WappBlaster, a free Whatsapp Marketing Software, includes an in-built filter that gives users fast feedback on how effective their messages are. The free Whatsapp Marketing Software offers a user-friendly interface, which is a great advantage for meeting the needs of the user. In addition, there is no restriction to the number of characters in the text. It’s also built with a broadcast programme in mind, as well as an advance anti-blocking algorithm for simple bulk transmission.

Pros and Cons of WappBlaster:


  • Location transportation is the most helpful feature.
  • Information sent using this WhatsApp software are highly secured


  • Updating not possible in messages once sent

Rapid Planner: A free WhatsApp Marketing Software

Rapid Planner is a WhatsApp-based mobile marketing tool for mid-sized and small businesses. This free WhatsApp marketing software offers a simple UI that makes it easy for people to use. The WhatsApp marketing mobile app allows users to create and send personalized messages to their customers in real time. 

This free Whatsapp Marketing Software allows users to communicate with their clients directly in order to build a trustworthy brand image. Rapid Planner will assist a wide range of businesses. It can be used by a conventional general store to announce new product additions, and it can be used by e-commerce offices to track shipments and keep customers informed about delivery status.

The Rapid Planner smartphone app can help businesses, particularly those in the service industry, create stronger client outreach and retention strategies. This smartphone software allows business owners to collect customer feedback and create efficient marketing campaigns.

Pros and Cons of Rapid Planner:


  • Best for informative media marketing.
  • Anti-spam and filtering of contacts.


  • Requires high-speed internet affection.

Mazzapper: Easy Solution

Mazzapper is designing for small businesses that want to engage their clients and prospects in a tailored way while retaining a conversational approach. It allows you to contact up to 500 new contacts per day. In ten minutes, you can send up to 150 contacts. In order to create a disposable Whatsapp account, you don’t need to acquire a “burner” SIM card, as is advocate by some Whatsapp bulk senders… You can utilize your own Whatsapp account with Mazzapper without risking it being suspend. Simply copy and paste your list of contacts and names, build a template message, and send it using our one-of-a-kind “One-by-one” feature to avoid being mark as spam.

Pros and Cons Of Mazzapper :


  • Best and easy bulk WhatsApp sender
  • Cost-Effective


  • Nothing

What are the benefits of using free WhatsApp marketing software? 

WhatsApp, the most popular messaging programme, has a large user base all over the world. Companies that utilize the messenger software to connect with consumers and clients on a regular basis have found it to be a very reliable medium. 

WhatsApp, on the other hand, does not allow advertising or media on its platform. As a result, it’s seen to be preferable to carefully use these Free WhatsApp Marketing Software platforms to market enterprises as a strategy.

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