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When and why to have a desert package? Morocco

Best Time to Visit Morocco’s Deserts

It is possible to make a Morocco desert trip at any time of year. However, for the best experience, it is best to buy a desert package between March to May or September to October. It is the shoulder season for Europeans, so the lesser public will be traveling at this time. Morocco, in particular, the Sahara desert, will not be as hot at this time too.

The spring and autumn months are suitable for the Morocco Sahara Desert package. You can enjoy all available activities with moderate temperatures, from the High Atlas Mountains to the Sahara.

Moreover, in winter, the Moroccan desert may be more relaxing with fewer Morrocan tourists; however, it will be icy at night. Therefore, you will have the additional factor of unfavorable weather conditions, which can jeopardize your trip itinerary. However, Morocco can and does snow in the mountains because of its northern positioning.

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What Do You Do on a Morocco Desert Tour?


If you are an enthusiastic surfer, snowboarder, or skater. You will be thrilled to learn that you can play around with your skills in the desert. An exciting alternative to exploring the dunes of Merzouga, sandboarding increases an adrenaline-pumping spin to your Sahara desert package tour. 

You can select a guide to show you or grab a board and take to the sand solo to discover the dunes on a board. However, you will have a soft and warm landing, adding a little to your confidence. Sandboarding is an exciting activity for adrenaline seekers look ing to spice up their tour to Morocco, like this 14-day Desert tour, Morocco. 

Ride a Camel in Morocco 

Morocco and camel rides seem to fit perfectly together. Along with its desert, walking through the dunes on the back of a camel is the most popular thing to do while in the Morocco Sahara Desert package. 

Arriving around desert sunset, just as you will in this Marrakesh Sahara tour. You watch the sunset across the dunes as you. Moreover, Morocco Sahara Desert tour agents guide your camel toward your camp for the night. 

As you walk through the sand, you can feel like you are in the heart of the Sahara as the unending dunes stretch out in the distance. However, watching the sunset, you will witness the sky turn from burnt red to black. As the stars start to light up the sky. 

An experience available in Merzouga and Zagora, Morocco’s camel ride experience is essential to any trip. 

Quad Biking

Get some wheels in Merzouga to explore the 35 kilometers of sand while jumping hills and careering down into the natural dales carved by the wind. 

Quad biking in the desert is an excellent option for families traveling in Morocco as a fun alternative to walking in the midday heat. You can guide your children while they navigate the vehicle. And watch their faces beam while you travel the Merzouga Desert. Moreover, you can ask for quad biking details while buying the Morocco Sahara Desert package.

4×4 Drive

Tackle morocco’s desert terrain and the arid landscapes on a 4×4 exploration from Marrakesh to the Sahara Desert. Like 4×4 Moroccan Highlights Adventure. Therefore, get ready for a bumpy ride as you journey from the city to Ouarzazate and around the Sahara Desert. Exploring all the Morocco desert has to offer. 

However, this kind of trip is not for the faint-hearted; those who enjoy more exciting journeys will revel in this unique Marrakesh tour. 

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As the sunsets over the sand of Merzouga and Zagora, you will experience something unique to your desert package tour. The sky will come alight, but differently, lighting up the atmosphere so much that you will not need a torch to see where you are going. 

Star-gazing in the Morocco desert is unlike any star-gazing experience you ever have. Without light pollution for miles, you will become an astronomer without a telescope as shooting stars cross the sky and the Milky Way lights up before you. For the best star-gazing experience, you can take an extended trip. Like this Morocco Desert tour, to go deep into the desert.

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