Which Air Conditioner is better between a 1 ton and a 1.5 ton?

Just like you, I was thinking about buying an air conditioner a few years back for the upcoming summer season. If you do not have an air conditioner in your home during the months of May through July, it can be extremely hot. In case you wish to purchase an air conditioner, you can check top 1.5 Ton AC prices in India.

When I decided to buy an air conditioner, I followed a few important steps. The following article describes the steps I took to purchase my air conditioner.

Knowing your requirements is the first step. You need to know what you want from an air conditioner. The weight of an AC is an important factor to consider, that is, if you want to buy a 1 or 1.5-ton unit. 

The article discusses the differences between a one-tonne and 1.5-tonne air conditioner, the importance of AC ratings, and how we can determine the right one for our needs.

Tonnage in Air Conditioners – What is it?

An air conditioner’s capacity is one of its most confusing features. While we all understand that a higher capacity means better cooling potential, it is a better idea to get a full-fledged idea about what exactly tonnage actually refers to.

In technical terms, tonnage refers to the rating of air conditioning units. In this case, the unit of measurement has nothing to do with how heavy the appliance is, but how much air it can remove from a room in an hour. British Thermal Units, or BTU, are used as a measurement unit for heat. The amount of air that can be removed from a building by 1 ton of air conditioning per hour is approximately 12,000 BTU. This means that a 4-ton AC would remove 48,000 BTUs. Air conditioners are measured by their cooling power or tonnage.

Air conditioners: 3 things to consider

I listed 3 points that I focused on when I decided to buy my own AC. I considered the following points:

Consumes low power: The AC consumes low power with additional cooling of the atmosphere.

longer lifespan: It is important for my AC to have a longer lifespan. I wanted a unit that would provide me with a good amount of durability since the average life of an AC is 5 years.

Low maintenance costs: A central air conditioner can be very expensive to maintain. Thus, when I purchased my AC, I ensured it would be low maintenance. In addition, I researched the warranty.

Which is better: 1 ton or 1.5 ton?

If you compare 1 ton AC vs 1.5 ton AC, your choice between these two AC models is purely dependent on your air conditioning requirements. 1.5 ton AC may be the better choice for you if you are looking to cool a large house without paying a lot in electricity. Consider the AC power consumption for a 1 ton versus a 1.5 ton machine. Although these machines require a high amount of power, they provide excellent cooling and can cool your space within minutes.

A 1.5 ton AC will have greater cooling power if you live in an exceptionally humid region.

However, if you live in a small apartment and do not want to spend too much on your electricity bills, you should get an air conditioner that has a capacity of one ton. During this portion, the debate over 1 versus 1.5 tons of air conditioning goes out of context. It is possible to get just the right amount of cooling with a 1 ton AC while not going overboard with your electricity bill.

The rule of thumb when comparing 1 ton ACs with 1.5 ton ACs is that if you have a room larger than 200 square meters, you should consider an AC with a 1.5 ton capacity. 

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