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Which countertop is best for your kitchen?

There are viable options in the market for the kitchen countertops. The highly selected list offers the pros and cons of the top choices so that you can choose what you learned when you remodeling your kitchen. The solid surface countertops prices depend on the quality. It means that beauty in the kitchen. As the use of the granite increases sharply, the price drops.

Engineered Stone countertop 

The engineering stone is a countertop which is made up of the 93% quartz particles. It is also available in more colors than granite and has a concave surface that is resists scratches. It is easy to maintain it without the annual closure required by the Natural Stone.

Solid surfacing countertop

Like the word Solid Surface Counters, they are strong; any scratches can be remove. Custom countertops are also customized for your specification by companies

  • It comes with colored rainbows and patterns.
  • Stain resistance.

Ceramic tile countertop

The ceramic tile countertop is durable and easy to clean. They are inexpensive and have a perfect choice of the counters for a central home. Because it adds part at a time, it can also be done by most intelligent homeowners. The strength and good appearance keep the granite and quartz much more needed, but other natural materials also benefit. In luxury kitchens, timeless marble comes in handy. In addition to its beautiful appearance, the marble attracts willing cooks because it is harsh and not hot. Expect to pay $ 140 or more per square foot.

Soapstone countertops are ideal for the kitchen.

The soapstone has been use in labs for years, as it lasts a long time and it is not subject to all chemicals. Like a kitchen, the countertop offers the same benefits and a different look. Since it has no holes and no chemicals and is neutral in temperature, it is not resistant to the stains and burns. However, it can be naturally or close to a dark, rich look. Expect to pay $ 50 or more per square foot.

Concrete material of countertop!

Concrete is a favorite for the people who want a more industrial look. It is highly flexible and can take many different colors, shades, patterns, and shades to suit any kitchen style. the concrete counters can be dump locally or made out of place and installed later. Expect to pay $ 100 or more per square foot.

Stainless steel

Best Stainless steel countertops

Best Stainless steel countertops Can be found in kitchens from traditional to modern. The complaint stems mainly from the roar of stainless steel electrical appliances. Ideal for areas around cooking areas and where hot pots and pans are place, or in the central islands where food preparation and catering is the main focus. Cost starts at about $ 78 per square foot. If you are looking for a budget-friendly counter or retro look, light laminates keep costs down the line (prices start at about $ 5 per square foot). The materials used are strong but cannot withstand heat. Installation is relatively quick, which helps keep costs down.

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