Which Is The Best Way To Improve Search Engine Ranking?

In order to rank on any search engine, you first need to understand how it works. You will need to mechanism of the search engine’s algorithm and how they process search queries. In this blog, we are going to talk specifically about one search engine, which happens to be the most used in the world. You may have guessed it, we are talking about Google.

So whenever we’ll say the “search engine”, we’ll be referring to Google. After thoroughly reading this article, we will find out which is the best way to improve search engine ranking and might even create a strategy of your own. So without delaying anymore and let’s get started.

How does Search Engines work?

To understand better, we are going to split this section into two sub-section. In prior, we will see how Google organizes information before showing it to us. In the latter section, you’ll about the key factors that determine the ranking on a search result page (SERP).

How Google Search gathers information

Google has a search index in which it stores hundreds of billions of web pages. So whenever, you type any query in the search bar, Google scans the entire index and provides you the relevant results. But how your web page is stored in the search index, which is apparently larger than the entire world’s libraries collectively? Let’s see how it’s done.

  • Most search engines have a piece of software called crawlers that visits the accessible web pages on the internet. During this, they collect information about each page and store it in the search index.
  • Once crawlers find a page, the search engine’s system renders that page. In this process, the search engine jots down the page’s features like keywords, content freshness, and other metrics.
  • Since we all know the content on the internet keeps evolving and updating, crawlers also keep revisiting the web pages. They look at how frequently the page has been updated and what information has changed from the previous visits.

A part is done on our way to find out which is the best way to improve the search engine ranking. Now, let’s see how search engines decide which web pages will rank on the first page.

Ranking factors of search engines

The search index of Google has trillions of web pages, apparently, it is more than 100,000,000 GB in size. So how does Google determines which web pages to show corresponding to a search query?  For this, search engines like Google have ranking algorithms intact. Let’s have a look at the key ranking factors of search engines. This is just a general explanation, the real algorithms are way more complex and consider thousands of things about websites.

  • Meaning of the query:

    When you enter a keyword or phrase into the search box, the first thing Google does is learn about the search intent. For this, search engines use a deciphering/decoding algorithm and try to find the most relevant content. There are a few things Google does like correcting the typos, and finding the synonyms if exact words are not available.

  • Relevance of content:

    If the keywords that you searched are in the content to the highest extent then the result is more relevant to the search. Although it’s just a basic parameter to determine relevancy. Search engines like Google also have a machine learning system in place that analyzes the other quantifiable aspects. For example, if you searched for the term “Machine Learning” then Google will not show you the webpage with the machine learning over and over again. Instead, it will show you the page comprises content like types, working, application, etc.

  • Quality of content:

    Once Google finds out the relevant web pages, the next objective is to sort them in the order of priority. For this, Google has an algorithm called EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness). There are a few factors that matter in this algorithm, for example, if other high authority websites link to the webpage then it’s good for ranking. 

  • Usability of web pages:

    Usability means user experience. Its users can easily navigate the website and if it also has accessibility features then ranking will have a positive impact.

  • Context and settings:

    Finally, there are some google settings that give context to the search results like location, search history, SafeSearch, the language of search, explicit filter, etc.

I hope this directs you toward the answer to the question Which is the best way to improve search engine ranking? I know this seems like a lot of work, but don’t get overwhelmed. You can use some SEO automation tools to get work done quickly.

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