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Which Type of Fabrics Are Best for Bath Towel?

Towels are available in different shapes, sizes, colours, patterns, and fabrics — out of these, the last factor is the most important one. But in case you are on the hunt for high-quality, soft, and durable fabric for towels, here in this article, we summarise some best fabrics for bath towels. While choosing the fabric, you should also keep in mind that they should look like luxury bath towels because if the quality is good, but the look is not worthy, you may not use it.

Organic Cotton

One of the purest forms of cotton is 100% organic cotton. Typically free from toxins. It is cultivated without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other harmful and strong agricultural chemicals. It is an environmentally friendly fabric that is made using simple and straight farming techniques like crop farming.

Besides being a costly fabric as compared to regular cotton, there is no such drawback of organic cotton. When you start using a 100% organic cotton towel, you will struggle to go back to a regular cotton towel. Towels made from organic cotton are incredibly soft and gentle on the skin, which is the main reason this is used for cleaning babies because they have sensitive skin. It is the favourite choice for people with skin sensitivity issues.100% organic cotton towels can be your first choice if you are looking for bath towels. This fabric is entirely free of any strong dyes, colours, pollutants, or toxins, and it will not cause any allergies to your skin. It is also a safer option and a highly durable fabric, considering the environment.

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton has gained quite a lot of attention, largely because of its unique quality. This fabric is more refined, longer than others, and stronger than any other form of cotton available. Because of these qualities, the woven fibres metamorphose themselves into soft fabrics, and you will get the much more beautiful Egyptian cotton.

As the name tells, Egyptian cotton refers to the weather of one of the oldest countries, Egypt, whose area is perfect for growing cotton and contributes to the unique and soft fabric. One of the most remarkable differences between regular and Egyptian cotton is that Egyptian cotton is handpicked, and standard cotton is machine-picked. If you want a luxurious touch on your towels, choose towels made out of Egyptian cotton. Other than their luxury element, they also absorb moisture quickly and are more absorbent than other towel fabrics. The two major drawbacks of Egyptian cotton towels are that they are expensive and can take a long time to dry completely because of their fabric. But we know good things never come cheaper and take time.

Turkish Cotton

Turkish cotton is from Turkey’s “land of the four seasons”. This type of cotton has longer fibres, even longer than Egyptian cotton or regular cotton. The long fibres mean fewer joins in the threads, and the final result is a smooth and sturdy material. The texture of Turkish cotton is a sign of how luxurious, light-weight, and smooth it is. Do not have to worry about getting it rough for the long term as Turkish cotton only gets softer and softer with time. The fabric is also packed closely, so a Turkish cotton towel can be easily stored within the cupboard without taking up much space.

If you are thinking of an easy way to refresh your bathroom, buy hand, body, and bath towels that are made up of Turkish cotton. towels made from Turkish towels are also known as “Hammam” or “Peshtemal.” The more you wash them, the more they become absorbent, fluffy, light, and very smooth on the skin.


The stem of the flax plant is used to make them. Linen fabric has a texture similar to cotton. It is an ideal type of fabric for producing non-allergenic towels because of its high absorption level and also resists to germs. These are heavier as compared to cotton because of their stronger texture and appearance. Linen is also a great and long-term fabric option. You can use linen towels as guest towels as well, with premium quality. They can last for 30-40 years if they are taken care of properly.

Conclusion: Which is best among all these?

Egyptian cotton or Turkey cotton, which are on the higher-end, have plush yarn loops; they are very soft and absorb great moisture as compared to any other fabric. Although you may hesitate to buy these because of their high prices but they will be worth every single penny. Turkey and Egypt have their own history in their production of rugs, towels and other cotton products that have been in demand since ever. They have a rich culture, and if you buy their traditional towels, that will also add a unique look to your bathroom.

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