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Why a Professional Can Do a Better Job at Chimney Cleaning Than You Ever Could

Most homeowners see summer as the time in the year when they can get home renovations done. From installing lavish fireplaces to remodeling their older ones, summer is the best time to dive into a home renovation project since you don’t have much use for them during that time(Chimney Cleaning).

Chimney Safety Institute of America suggests that if you use the fireplace frequently, you should inspect and clean your chimney at least once a year. Chimney cleaning is part of the routine chimney inspection. The roof of your house and the chimney protect your house yearlong from heavy rainfall and snow storms. An appropriate amount of maintenance is their right.

Benefits of Chimney Cleaning

1. A clean chimney ensures safety

The fireplaces in your house release toxic gases and smoke fumes that can harm you if inhaled. When you use your chimney during winter, you don’t want to worry about the possible harmful consequences that may entail its usage. A clean chimney will ensure the safety of your family and household.

2. A clean chimney provides a pathway for the smoke to pass

The chimney flue is a pipe inside your chimney that lets the smoke travel from the fireplace and out of your chimney, away from your house. The chimney must be cleaned properly. Otherwise, the flue will be blocked, and there won’t be proper air ventilation.

3. A clean chimney prevents chimney fires

According to an estimate, there are over 250,000 chimney fires every year that cause 125 million dollars worth of property damage in the US. Toxic gases leave a creosote buildup along the surface of your chimney. Creosote buildup is the by-product of burning wood that you can find along the chimney lining and the surface of the chimney flue.

Creosote buildup usually causes a low-burning fire that you won’t be able to detect in its initial stage. Only when it spreads out and gets out of control. After the creosote buildup has been cleaned, you won’t have to worry about a chimney fire. All you have to do is schedule a timely chimney inspection and cleaning.

Chimney on the roof of a house

4. A clean chimney will prevent water leakage issues

Scheduling a regular chimney inspection and cleaning will save you from any possible leakage issues throughout the year. It will cover small issues before they lead to bigger ones and cost you a lot.

5. A clean chimney will prevent carbon monoxide poisoning

The fire produces carbon monoxide that’s odorless and invisible to the naked eye, so you won’t be able to notice its presence, but one thing you should know about it is that it’s deadly for your health. Proper airflow is compromised because of the buildup of creosote, soot, and leftover dirt and dust, pushing back carbon monoxide into your house instead of flowing out of your chimney.

If you clean your chimney on time, you can save yourself and your household from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Why You Should Hire Expert Chimney Sweeps for the Job?

We can find innovations in all fields of life today. Even the internet is filled with unlimited resources on every topic. But the question is how much of it is reliable, right? Not everything on the internet is credible.

You may think you can DIY your way through chimney cleaning by watching a bunch of YouTube videos. But you’re wrong. There are several reasons why chimney cleaning should be left for expert chimney sweeps.

6. Years of experience

Chimney cleaning looks like an easy job on the outside, but in all honesty, only certified chimney sweeps know how to tackle it skillfully. Different houses have different kinds of chimneys. Each requires a particular level of maintenance and care. Chimney sweeps have years of experience that they benefit from.

7. The right tools and equipment

The expert chimney sweeps know their way around a chimney. They know which tool needs to be used for particular damage. If we clean the chimney on our own, we’ll make a mess out of it; all the soot and ash will fall on our furniture and damage that. But chimney sweeps have tools to cater to that problem as well.

8. Professionals know where to look

One advantage of years of experience with chimney sweeps is knowing which areas can have potential issues. They can detect problems that an ordinary homeowner could never.

Masonry chimney in a house

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