Why are lab grown diamonds becoming more popular?

Is there anything left that technology cant make/improve in today’s time? Have a look around and identify things that technology has not changed or improved. Chances are less that you’ll find such things but the future is not that far where technology will replace humans as well. So is the case with diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are formed in a laboratory with a controlled environment using technologies that plays a significant role in creating diamonds that replicates the same properties chemically like that of a natural diamond.

Lab diamonds are becoming popular because they exhibit the same properties, physically and chemically, displays same appearance as that of a natural diamond. The composition may differ a little but it does not affect its overall look and properties it exhibit. The popularity of lab grown diamonds skyrocketed in 2013 due to increase in the development of scientific technologies. They are not only cheaper than a mined diamond but also takes lesser time than a naturally occurring diamond. The popularity has increased over the years because anything that is cost effective and saves time while exhibiting the same properties is always preferred.

Effective marketing campaigns is like a new kid on the block trying to influence customer perception and beliefs. The ever so growing marketing strategies playing with people’s sentiments have tricked them into believing that lab diamonds are not real diamonds. These are nothing but a myriad of myths and misinformation flown from diamond mines to consumers. “A diamond is a diamond, whether grown in a lab or comes out from the ground” states the FTC.

Here are few arguable reasons why lab grown diamonds are becoming immensely popular:

  • Decrease in the global supply of diamonds
  • People are becoming more conscious towards the environment
  • Lab grown diamonds are less expensive
  • Good ethical choice
  • Similar in appearance

Decrease in the global supply of diamonds

With the ever decreasing global supply of diamonds, the popularity of lab grown diamonds have increased. Needless to say, the amount of energy required to produce a diamond in a laboratory is lesser. As compared to its extraction from earth. Growing diamonds in a laboratory more sustainable and environment friendly. This fact not hidden from wise, purchase conscious consumers. Hence a steep curve in the global supply of diamonds has increased the demand for lab grown diamonds

People are becoming more conscious towards the environment

Well informed and educated millennial are extremely environmental conscious. wouldn’t buy or make a purchase decision that would harm mother earth. Underground and offshore diamond mining harms the environment. With the ever increasing use of social media, today’s consumer group is not unaware of these environmental impacts.

126 gallons of water required to mine an offshore diamond whereas lab diamonds uses only 18 gallons of water per carat. Carbon emission is also very less when diamonds grown in laboratories as compared to mined diamonds. Land disruption, energy usage are a few of the many environmental harms due to which the popularity of lab grown diamonds is increasing.

Lab grown diamonds are less expensive

Diamonds grown in laboratory are not just less expensive. But better in quality because environmental conditions extremely controlled. What the need to buy a mined diamond when you can buy a lab grown diamond that not only cheaper but possesses characteristics and quality. Statistics says that lab grown diamond are 30-40% cheaper than mined diamonds

Good Ethical Choice

All the unethical issues associated with the mined diamonds viz. war funding, environmental harms are absent in a lab grown diamond and CVD diamonds . Therefore lab grown diamonds are a good ethical choice as compared to mined diamonds. With businesses going ethical and consumers preferring such businesses, the popularity of lab grown diamonds has increased taking ethics as an important factor to consider.

Similar in appearance

Except microscopic inscription, Lab Created Diamond Manufacturer are replicate the look of a mined diamond and there is hardly any difference one can spot. It is extremely difficult to differentiate between the two. So why not prefer the alternative that is not only cheaper but effective in quality

So, go get that diamond studded jewelry you always wanted to have that will not only fit your budget. But  will help you to make an impactful environmental contribution by choosing a more sustainable option. Definitely a win-win, for you, for the environment and mother earth. From environmental sustainability to cost effectiveness, from quality to appearance. Lab grown diamonds have left no stone unturned in giving out reasons to prefer them over mined diamonds. This way, the popularity of Lab Created Diamond Manufacturer has skyrocketed ever since their existence.

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