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Why People Using Duvets Instead Of Sheets

Nowadays, there are a variety of bedding, cushions, comforters, and sheets available in the market. But still, the textile industries are introducing a variety of variants every other day. These all are used according to weather conditions. Duvets are different from comforters. Duvets are filled up with feather or synthetic fiber. At the same time, the comforters are just one quilted piece. Duvets are softer compared to others. Duvets need a cover just like a pillow in the pillow covers(Flannel Duvet Covers). 

Below are the five reasons why people prefer duvets instead of comforters 

Easy to wash:

The first thing that makes the duvet the main choice of users over the comforter is that duvets are easy to keep clean. They have a duvet cover on them. If the duvet cover gets dirty, then you can easily take it off and wash it. 

Whereas for the comforter, it is difficult to wash them. They are quilted and get heavier while washing.

You can match it anytime:

A duvet is a better choice as you can change them according to your mood or match them with the interior anytime at a low cost. All you need to do is change the cover of the duvet. You can have different covers for the single duvet. Flannel duvet covers are getting a popular choice these days.

While the comforters have a fixed design, you have a buy a new comforter to match or contrast it with other things in the room.

Premium look:

A soft white duvet gives a premium look to your room. If you are a traveler and stay in hotels, you must have seen that most hotels have a clean white duvet on the bed. That makes the room look cleaner and more premium. 

Comforter heat:

Another reason comforters are not preferred is because the comforter gets hot on normal days. But it is not so effective on colder days in supplying sufficient warmth. Duvets are fluffy and supply a nice warmth in chilly weather.


Comforters are soft, but when it comes to the duvet, they are softer and fluffier. It gives your bed an exceptionally soft and choosy look and is fluffy when you get into it. It looks like a big white cloud on your bed. 


Duvets are soft and have cotton as the primary fiber. It is good to air conductive and hence supplies a good breath. It is an excellent choice for hot sleepers. Our bodies keep changing the temperature while we are sleeping. Its breathability prevents sweating if body temperature rises. 


Both the comforter and the duvet come in all mattress sizes. The only difference between them is the dimensions. If your mattress is thicker, you should work on the sizes and dimensions. Below is a general dimensions chart

Size Duvet Comforter
Twin/Twin XL 64” x 89” to 70” x 88” 66” x 86” to 68” x 88”
Full/Double 80” x 89” to 90” x 94” 81” x 86” to 84” x 88”
Queen 88” x 90” to 90” x 94” 86” x 96” to 88” X 100”
King/Cal King 104” x 90” to 108” x 94” 102” x 88” to 110” x 98”

Laundry bills may go high:

Duvet covers are easy and machine washable. At the same time, the comforters need to have a dry wash. You will pay every time it gets dirty, but in the case of a duvet, put it in the machine and wash it saving tens of pounds a month.


Comforter gets deflated over time. It loses its stiffness. Then you must buy a new one. In some cases, the article you like is sold out, so you have to compromise with another design. 


Nothing feels better than a soft, lightweight, breathable, and warm, making it ideal for sneeze-free sleeping. The natural antiallergenic properties of the pure-down duvet make it more attractive. Also, as we discussed earlier that it is easy to keep duvets clean by washing them, it makes them more hygiene compared to comforters. 

So, what is better a duvet or a comforter? It is still your own choice of need and taste. But in many aspects, the duvet is a better choice. If you want to change the style of bedding according to the occasion or the mood, and you like a fluffy bed then you should be choosing a duvet instead of a comforter. Also, there are different duvet types of duvet fillings you can choose. Hollow fibre and feather & down are the two most common. You can also find them filled with silk, wool and microfiber. If you think duvets are expensive, then you may be wrong at some point because you do not need to buy multiple duvets for a single room. You just need to buy different kinds of cover styles.

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