Why Professional Cricketer Prefer English Willow Bats

There are a few other types of wood that may be used to make cricket bats, but English willow is the wood that is most often used to create professional cricket bats. Because it is the only form of wood that can give the required level of strength and compression for a cricket ball, the English willow cricket bat is made with the type of wood utilized to construct professional cricket bats all over the globe. Willow is a type of willow tree. The highest grade of English willow bats has grains that are more aligned and is considered to be of the highest possible quality. Cricket Mega Mart offers five different grades of English willow bats.

This kind of willow, often referred to as white willow, is indigenous to England, thus the name “English willow.” But the English and Kashmir willow cricket bat is not the same kind of willow tree. Instead, they stand out from one another visually because of the distinct colors they each possess. That being said, the shade of Kashmir willow is likely more of a brownish hue, but the color of English willow is noticeably lighter. Additionally, the grain density of English willow is greater than that of Kashmir willow.

Why English Willow Cricket Bats?

English willow cricket bats are much lighter, softer, and have the best grain quality than Kashmir willow bats, that is why they are preferred by most toppers and experienced batsmen worldwide. Kashmir willow bats are also famous for their quality and durability. However, English willow bats are preferred because they are much lighter than Kashmir ones. However, the price of an English willow cricket bat is much more than that of a Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat.

Recommendation as well as Ongoing Care

It is recommended that you use an English willow bat when playing with a hard cricket ball. However, before using the Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat, some preparation is required. The process of hitting the surface (the face of the Bat) with the old cricket ball is called knocking in.

  • The English willow bats

The English willow tree naturally produces soft and fibrous lumber, ideal for creating a high-quality bat. The English willow bats are lifted by hand. Professional athletes use them to provide the highest possible quality performance standards.

In general, the English willow cricket bats are not very heavy. In most cases, it comprises four to fourteen grains, the exact number determined only by the kind of willow and the grades. To achieve optimal performance, it undergoes a procedure that involves natural drying methods. The fact that English willow is utilized in the production of cricket bats by a wide variety of brands, including Thrax, SG, SS, and MRF bats, amongst many others, is evidence enough of the material’s significance in this sport’s equipment.

  • Gradings of the English willow bats

A player may determine the willow’s quality by comparing the material’s various grades. The English willow bats vary from Grade 1 A+ up to Grade 4. The primary characteristics that differentiate the classes are the grain’s structure, degree of bleaching, and degree of discoloration. Any of these grades may be used to make a cricket bat, and all are acceptable for use in the game and for performing at a high level. However, it may improve the player’s overall performance by making sure they use a bat of the appropriate grade.

  • Profiles of English willow cricket bat

Your success in the game will be directly proportional to the profile bat you choose from Cricket Mega Mart. The English willow bats are created entirely by hand, which makes it easier to adjust the profile of the Bat. Most bats may be classified according to their profiles using the following rubrics.

  • Traditional Appearance

The classic profile cricket bat maintains a conventional form and has been around for a long time. Because of its elevated and elongated spine, it provides you with the advantage of a striking zone that is longer. Those who like hitting the ball from the gaps in the cricket grounds will find this form beneficial. Any grade, for example, Grade 1(A), of an English willow bat may be used to create the traditional profile of an English willow bat.

The sweet spot and hitting technique are considered while designing the English willow cricket bat –

The profile of an English willow cricket bat is one of a kind and was developed specifically for use by professional players. For example, a baseball bat has a “sweet spot” specifically designed to produce the best timing for the ball. The contours of the Bat and the way it’s put together are two other factors that decide where the sweet spot is located. For example, the sweet spot is located in the lower part of the Bat for front-foot players, while it is in the upper middle for back-foot players. This location seems perfect for pulls, cuts, and knocking performance for front- and back-foot players.

The many styles of cane handle that can find on an English willow cricket bat

A wide variety of lengths and shapes are available for the cane handle of an English willow bat, including an oval, thick, round, short, long, and regular oval. The cane handle is adjustable so players of varying heights can comfortably hold it. For example, for a player who is 5 feet 9 inches tall, the cane handle on an English willow cricket bat is around 85 centimeters long.

On the other hand, if the player is more elevated than six feet, it will often come oval and have one additional inch added to the cane handle. To ensure that the players have a secure hold on the Kashmir willow cricket bat, the cane handle of the English willow bat is covered in rubber. The player has both stability and a tight grasp thanks to the cane handle’s mounting in the willow, which is carved in the form of a triangle.

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