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Why RO water filter is better than boiling water?

Why RO water filter is better than boiling water?

Previously, when there was no ro water purifier chennai in the home people used to boil the water for consumption. To date also follow this practice, but the water almost kills the bacteria that are present in the water. But it is not completely pure. However, bowling is a profusely used technique, but it has lots of disadvantages. You can get rid of the practices, to get safe and purest water for drinking, only installing a filtering system in your home. After rapid expansion of technologies, we came to get pure water through an RO purifier. And now it has become the most preferred and safest alternative to get pure and clean water.

What Does Boiling Water Remove?

Boiling water is widely used for the water purification process, till now. However, many people are not well informed about the fact of the boiling water. That it doesn’t remove many harmful contaminations that are present in the water. Boling usually kills the pathogens that be lurking in your water. Although it is the traditional method of water purification that kills microorganisms, it won’t work nowadays because due to excess contamination of water. Boiling water only removes some of the VOC compounds (Volatile Organic Compounds). Therefore, it is good to go for a water filter for home.

Why you do not want to prefer boiling water- its disadvantages

However, the process may seem to be cost effective. There are many loopholes or disadvantages of Boling water. Boling won’t work out when it comes to removing toxic metals like (lead, mercury, asbestos, pesticides, solvents, etc.), or nitrates that have contaminated the water. Boling may not vaporize many harmful contaminants. Energy is required to boil the water, so it may urge to boil during a difficult phase when in an emergency period. Better to avoid such complications install ro water purifier in your home.


What is Reverse Osmosis?

RO water purifier systems are used by millions of homes to have healthy, tasteful, and safe water consumption. For this reason, an RO water purifier has become necessary, which kills and makes pure water for drinking purposes. It kills bacteria, microbes, and other dissolved impurities present in water. Reverse Osmosis is a technique that pulls the water using pressure with a help of a semi-permeable reverse osmosis membrane to demineralize the water. The right purifier for the home uses a semi-permeable membrane that permits the water molecule to enter through it. However, it doesn’t allow the dissolved salts, bacteria, and pyrogens to enter through the membrane.

Why you prefer Reverse Osmosis filter systems – its Advantages

The harmful contaminants that are present in the water can enter our bodies and create lots of health issues. Like fatigue, bloating, diarrhea, weight loss, loss of appetite, and gastrointestinal diseases. RO water purifier, which is the best option to get out from all these diseases as there is saying” prevention is better than cure” we should check out before our healthy give signals. The RO filter systems will help in reducing harmful pathogens and bacteria to make water safe for consumption. It can also make the water taste awesome and you can get rid of the chlorine smell too. It also helps to remove lead, mercury, chlorine, and asbestos which can cause severe health issues in the future.

Boiled Water vs RO Filtered water

RO purification is the most reliable and advanced process that helps in removing as well as helps in dissolving impurities such as salts and heavy metals from water. That makes it suitable for consumption. Boiling water only helps in killing microorganisms, but won’t remove heavy metals from water, which is unsafe for drinking. So better take an option to install a water filter for home chennai.

The wisest decision is to make use of a perfect water filter system so that your health could be fit and fine as “health is wealth”. First your health, then anything else; stay healthy, be healthy, drink safe water, to stay away from illness and diseases. The adage” Money never cost, if your health is not well and disturbed’


Nowadays getting pure water is a major concern; due to the rise in population, water content getting worse day by day. For proper health, water drinking is a must. The best option is an RO water purifier, which can give you safe and healthy drinking water for your better health. Ozone Technology provides some of the best water purifiers for a home that can completely give you safe and pure water for drinking. Health is precious and maintaining it is more important. Only doing physical exercise is not a matter of concern for a healthy body; one needs water also to have a perfect body and right mind. Therefore, installing any best RO water filter can fetch you a good body with a good mind.

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