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Why Should You Have a Helpdesk for Your Ecommerce Store

Delivering an excellent customer experience as your business expands may seem like a daunting task. The communication channels increase, the number of customers increases, and customers demand a quick response regardless of anything. As customer experience standards become higher, brands cannot afford to miss a step. Failing to respond on time or dropping a ticket can mean losing a sale. Not to mention the bad press that’ll always be present on social media if the customer chooses to mention it and be vocal about it(Ecommerce).

How can a brand make sense of it all in this fast-moving and rapidly changing industry that ecommerce is? This is where the ecommerce ticketing system comes into the picture. The concept of an ecommerce help desk makes it all look seamless and easy to manage. It can help you optimize your ecommerce customer service and also uplevel your overall customer experience. Both of these are key factors in helping your business scale. In this article, we’ll take a nosedive into the know-how of an ecommerce ticketing system and why you absolutely must have one for your brand. Let’s get started!

How Does an eCommerce Ticketing System Work

An ecommerce helpdesk is essentially an interface that unites all the customer queries in one place. It helps businesses improve their customer service processes, especially when your business has high order volume queries coming from multiple channels. 

A customer support help desk also collates customer details such as queries, order numbers, and contact information and coordinates them centrally in one place. You can centralize the following aspects of your ecommerce customer service:

  • Queries from customers through all the channels
  • Customer messages from all channels
  • Emails from your online store
  • Feedback and review requests
  • Live chat transcripts 
  • Customer and order data 

6 Reasons Why You Must Adopt an Ecommerce Help Desk

A help desk saves time and ensures that the customer support teams have access to all the relevant information in one place so that they can respond to customer queries efficiently. Let’s look at some specific reasons you should have an ecommerce ticketing system. 

1. Traditional Retail is Falling Behind

Big picture first! In 2022, ecommerce will be geared towards digital-first businesses. If the bulk of your sales is still coming from bricks and mortar retail outlets, you need to reconsider your business.

The ability to gather data and leverage analytics to improve business performance is greater in the digital space than in physical spaces. Help desks are an easy, efficient way to access the data and enjoy the same advantage. Besides, the resilience of ecommerce makes help desks a particularly wise investment. 

2. The Covid-19 Effect

The COVID-19 pandemic pushed ecommerce brands to new heights. Most brands enjoyed enormous surges and gains from online interactions than traditional retail. From a customer’s perspective, it was a time to offer assurance and confidence to the customers. And brands who were able to do it are reaping the benefits. 

A consistent customer service experience helps ecommerce businesses win their share of the market benefits. And help desks are a cornerstone of providing that great experience and building more robust processes. 

3. Enables Brands to Focus on the Whole Journey

Until now, we’ve established that customer service is the bedrock of ecommerce success, and help desks will help you nurture this experience. 

A pre-sale query is a crucial step where you answer urgent or important questions to the customer. This requires a whole load of information starting from details about the order, details about customers, customer history, history of complaints, previous interactions with customers, etc. The right ecommerce help desk solution will let you track all this information. From initial queries to returns and replacements, your customer service team can step into the conversation at any point in time.

4. Help Desks Make Feedback Visible

Through social media, anyone and everyone can share their thoughts about the companies they buy from. It takes multiple positive experiences to make up for one bad one. This is why ecommerce businesses need to get it right every time. We just discussed that more people are turning to ecommerce, which translates to more opportunities to provide an extraordinary experience and get positive feedback. And a help desk is going to let you handle both the influx of new customers and provide quality interactions with each one.

5. More Touchpoints, More Opportunities

Ecommerce ticketing systems make it easy to sell on multiple channels. It doesn’t matter much whether you manage your support from two channels or eight if your customer support team got one clear dashboard for all customer interactions. Scaling also becomes easier when you can add (or even drop) a channel without disrupting your team’s workflow.

6. Help Desk Saves Time by Reducing Repetitive Customer Queries 

The ecommerce customer service departments usually face numerous requests, of which more are repetitive queries. Sometimes it becomes impossible for the support agents to tackle them manually. Providing a self-service solution becomes more relevant then. Self-service empowers customers to solve common product issues on their own. Some other benefits include: 

  • Support Cost Reduction
  • Boosts Social Engagement
  • Increases Customer Satisfaction & Customer Success

Self-service can be of any form, including knowledge base articles, videos, how-to guides, FAQs, etc. A help desk enables you to manage all these from a single interface. Through a help desk, you just need to set up your self-service portal and curate answers to repetitive questions. Some help desks also let you integrate your self-service with a live chat widget that you can integrate wherever you want on your website. 

Final Thoughts 

If you’re a growing company and ready to take this growth to the next level, investing in an eCommerce ticketing system could be one of your best decisions. An ecommerce ticketing system has the power to transform your entire business. With the right solution at your hand, you may well find your brand nailing customer experience and opening doors to new and repeat business.

Maulik Shah

Mr. Maulik Shah is the founder of DeskXpand, A full-fledged ticket management system that comes with the right tools to provide a seamless and cost-efficient customer experience. Maulik is a tech enthusiast and writes about the various aspects of the customer support platform.

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