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Why should your children learn English as soon as possible?

Why should your children learn English as soon as possible?

It is always best to learn to trade as soon as possible. This, of course, applies to English as well. Your child will have a much better time learning English if you introduce them to them early. This is great because there are many English language courses for kids in Singapore. Here are five reasons you should teach English to your children as soon as possible.

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They create a better tone.

If you have learned English later, you may have noticed how difficult it is to pronounce words as a mother tongue. There is always a tone that does not go away. You can try to get rid of it to look almost like a local, but it requires a lot of practice. However, if you learn the language as a child, getting a local accent will be much easier.
The best time to start is as soon as possible, but the delay is always better than never, no matter how late you are. It has been shown that even youngsters under the age of 15 have the opportunity to have an almost perfect accent when they start learning English at that age.

The 10,000-hour rule is easy to follow.

Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers led a study that sheds light on how people acquire skills. In the study, he reviewed the 10,000-hour principle. The basic premise is that a person needs 10,000 hours of practice to master each skill. Can you imagine how difficult it would be for an adult to find those thousands of hours to learn English? Now, consider a child who is just beginning life. They have all their years ahead of them, English. and it’s easy to spend 10,000 hours in their lives, even in their childhood and education years. Find one of the many English language courses for kids in Singapore and find a suitable one. This will give them a solid foundation.

Their minds are still building their structures.

Although neuroscientists say that an individual’s brain is still well-formed in the 1920s, most neural pathways are formed when the individual is still a child. In the first 3-4 years, the child develops learning skills and attitudes. So it is a good idea to introduce your child to English while shaping the brain structure to make learning as easy as possible.

The children are amicable.

Children are very adaptable in their early years. Even after learning the first language, learning English is much easier for them than adults accustomed to a specific language structure.

Young children have more time to fit in English.

If you are an average, working adult, you have many responsibilities at hand: hair, billing, your child’s well-being, relationships, work, you name it. On the other hand, children have almost nothing to worry about. Lack of responsibility means that children have more time than they can devote to learning English.

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