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Your body will get these 7 benefits by doing Singhasana yoga, knowing how to do it, and health benefits

Singhasana Yoga provides relief from many diseases of the body ranging from bad breath to respiratory problems.

Singhasana yoga is very beneficial in the change of seasons. This is the time of Corona. In such a condition, the entire attention of people is focused on increasing immunity. Second, Corona has left modern medical science far behind. And during the time when Corona came to India, people left medicines and ran towards Ayurvedic herbs. From this, it was proved that our Ayurveda has the ability to cure many major diseases. Yoga is part of this Ayurveda. Today people have made yoga their lifestyle. By doing yoga, they are making their life very happy. There is a very important thing in yoga which is called Singhasana. This asana is very beneficial in curing many diseases. How to do Singhasana Yoga, and what are its benefits?

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What is Singhasana Yoga?

Singhasana Yoga As the name suggests, an asana is like a lion. In this posture, a person sits like a lion. Then roars like a lion. The body gets many benefits from doing this asana.

Benefits of Singhasana Yoga:

1. Beneficial for Throat

In Singhasana yoga, all the organs of the mouth, and tongue have to work actively. Because of this, many problems of the mouth and throat are reduced by doing this yoga asana. Your voice becomes sweet by doing the throne. Then gets relief from the problem of bad breath. And when this asana is performed, all the glands of the mouth work actively. And which gives relief from the problem of bad breath. This asana also strengthens the neck muscles. It is also beneficial in tonsils.

2. Glow on the face

By doing this yoga asana, the glow on the face increases. And our facial muscles are activated by this asana. Due to this, the dead skin cells are removed from the face. And in this way, it activates the facial cells and there is a glow on the face. This posture removes anti-aging.

3. Reduce stress

Stress is reduced by doing Singhasana yoga. Especially the stress in which the facial muscles are affected.

4. Beneficial for the eyes

In Singhasana’s posture, do eyeball movement of the eyes. And while doing the asana, the eyeball has to be focused in one direction towards the center of attention. Due to this, the eyesight is satisfactory.

5. Increase immunity

In the Corona period, people understood what immunity is. Now they are choosing foods that will strengthen their immunity. So right there, Singhasana is an effective way to increase immunity.

6. Sore Throat and Jaw Tightness

This asana also removes the sore throat that comes with the changing seasons. So there, in Singhasana there is a roar of a lion, which strengthens the jaws.

7. Respiratory Troubles

People who have breathing problems like asthma etc., then they should also do this asana. This asana relieves respiratory issues.

Method of doing Singhasana Yoga:

  • Sit in Vajrasana
  • Sit down with your feet together. And join both the claws at the back.
  • And make as many gaps in your knees as you can.
  • Then place both your hands on the ground between your knees.
  • Fingers will be facing you.
  • And take a normal breath keeping the spine straight.
  • Then gently lift your neck upwards while sticking out your tongue.
  • And simultaneously, the way a lion roars makes that type of sound from the mouth.
  • And try looking at your dotted spot with both eyeballs.
  • Then take out the sound from your mouth five to six times and come back slowly.

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Most people can do this asana, but some people with the following problems should not do this asana.

  • Singhasana yoga should not be done by those people who have the problem of arthritis. Those people should do this asana under the supervision of someone.
  • People who have suffered an ankle injury should also do it under someone’s supervision.
  • Singhasana yoga is said to eliminate all problems. By doing this asana, all kinds of problems from the facial muscles to the mouth are removed. It is also called Lion Pose.

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