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5 Reasons It is Important to Manage Your High Blood Pressure

Hypertension plagues over 116 million or 47% of the American population.

However, nearly half of the said population is unaware of their increased blood pressure levels. To spread awareness amongst the masses, the hypertension clinical trails near you is committed to helping people manage their top and bottom scales. Their approach aims to reduce the number of Americans living with the disease and its mortality and morbidity rates as well.

High Blood Pressure – Its Causes and Risk Factors

The first step to lower blood pressure levels is to know the root cause. Since our lifestyle plays the most important role in the onset of hypertension, certain amendments in our daily lives will acts as an efficient remedy as well.

A combination of factors is listed below that contribute to raised blood pressure levels in the body:

  • HEREDITARY: There are certain genes that pass on from generation to generation that render the body susceptible to elevated blood pressure levels
    AGE: Individuals above the age of 65 years old are at risk of hypertension
  • OBESITY: Increased body weight is majorly responsible for increased BP
  • ALCOHOLISM: More than 2 drinks per day have been shown to cause elevated blood pressure levels
  • SEDENTARY LIFESTYLE: Lack of physical exercise and stationary lifestyle also contributes to hypertension

Why Is It Important to Maintain Blood Pressure Levels?

It Does Not Show Symptoms

Hypertensive people should be diligent about their blood pressure levels, known as the silent killer. Unlike other health conditions. Hypertension does not manifest its symptoms. So much so, according to CDC, 1 out of 3 people are not even aware of elevated blood pressure levels.

Persistent hypertension may develop into a hypertensive crisis which does present some conspicuous danger signs such as:

  • severe chest pain
  • severe headache, followed by confusion and blurred vision
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Anxiety
  • Shortness of breath
  • Seizures

However, if not treated promptly, the condition deteriorates into hypertensive emergency which is marked by progressive organ damage.

Since the only way to diagnose a medical condition is by checking the numbers, people must keep an eye on their blood pressure levels. This is in particular for people above 40 years old and those who have it in their family history. You can have your blood pressure checked by an internal medicine doctor in Michigan or at a local pharmacy. Moreover, you can also opt for home monitoring to keep a frequent eye on your blood pressure level

It Has Various Risk Factors

Several risk factors contribute to the onset of hypertension. These may be physiological, or genetic, but mostly they arise from our lifestyle practices. Age, diabetes, and obesity are some physiological determinants that lead to elevated blood pressure levels. On the other hand, our habits like alcoholism, smoking, high salt intake, and little physical activity – also play a sufficient role.

Due to an array of reasons that serve as a risk factor, people must manage their blood pressure. Whether you smoke, have diabetes, or family history of hypertension, you should be cautious of your blood pressure level. However, for people above age 40, it is pivotal to manage blood pressure to prevent the risk of developing hypertension.

To Minimize Its Dangers

Despite its silent symptoms, the risk that hypertension poses are brutal. This is particularly important for older adults who possibly suffer multiple illnesses and hence are at a greater risk for side effects of hypertension. Persistently elevated blood pressure levels can damage organs such as the heart, kidneys, and brain which can also be life threatening. From infarction to stroke, kidney failure to dementia – hypertension leads to various lie threatening conditions. By keeping a diligent eye on blood pressure, you can prevent the onset of such risks.

Improve Your Quality of Life

Since it is associated with several dangers, hypertension is known to cause almost 1000 deaths in a day in America. The stupendous mortality and morbidity rate render it even more crucial to maintain the diastolic and systolic numbers. By managing your blood pressure levels, you can minimize your chances of cardiovascular disease related death by 25%.

Minimize Expense

High blood pressure costs the nation around 50 billion dollars per annum. From medications to managing organ damage – the condition can cause a significant financial strain. By keeping an eye on your blood pressure, you do not only prevent its fatal consequences but also financial crisis.

How Does Primary Healthcare Facility Help with Hypertension?

Primary healthcare is the first step to a comprehensive healthcare facility where most of the screening occurs for the early diagnosis and subsequent management of a variety of diseases. It acts as the frontline border that ensures a regular, uninterrupted doctor-patient relationship for the optimum mitigation, treatment, and cure of acute and chronic ailments.

If we aim to prevent the onset of the disease, it is crucial to intervene at an earlier stage of its outbreak. Therefore, it is feasible to opt for primary and secondary care for the management and prevention of non-communicable diseases, rather than preferring expensive tertiary care.

When it comes to the role of the primary healthcare system in the management of hypertension, there is a series of contributions that this initial part of the hierarchy has made, such as:

  • Providing a roll of resources about the role of nutrition, smoking, and regular medical checkup after the age of 40 for a healthier lifestyle and managing blood pressure levels
  • Collaborating with stakeholders, healthcare providers, and community groups to advertise practical initiatives for a healthy community.

How To Manage Blood Pressure?

Hypertension requires both pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical management. The latter involves various lifestyle amendments that contribute to a healthy life in the longer run.


The importance of exercise for the management of hypertension cannot be stressed enough. Even 30 minutes of aerobic activity strengthens the heart and decreases the force exerted on the arteries. Furthermore, 10-30 minutes of brisk walking, cycling, treadmilling, and swimming also help prevent the rise in blood pressure.


Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension (DASH) is an initiative that recommended some dietary changes to promote good cardiac health. The plan suggests an increased intake of vegetables to improve cardiac functionality. However, DASH’s prominent emphasis is on the reduction in sugar, salt, and alcohol intake. According to the plan, added sugars play a vital role in raising blood pressure levels. It can be substituted by fresh fruits as a nutritional approach. Excessive alcohol and sodium consumption are also involved in hypertension and are suggested to be used in moderation.

Mental Health

Many people may not know this, but stress is perhaps, their worst enemy.  It works with adrenaline to put the body in fight or flight mode which elevates the blood pressure. Chronic stress and anxiety have shown to remarkably contribute to the onset of hypertension. From seeking professional help to meditating and ensuring a good night’s sleep – you can destress the body and lower blood pressure.

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Hypertension does not arrive with notice, but it can cause significant damage to the body’s physiological system. Our body’s vital organs and their functionality are at the stake of the top and bottom numbers. Therefore, it is essential for people to manage their blood pressure dedicatedly to live a healthier life.

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