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Graphic Charter: What Does It Contain And Why Is It So Important?


The graphic charter is a valuable document, created by a web designer, bringing together all the rules on which your company’s identity will be based. It will serve as a reference for all those who will design a communication medium for you, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali and in particular the web agency to whom you will entrust the design of your website.

Your charter must convey graphic consistency between all your media: letterhead and invoice, business card, flyer, sign, textile, possibly vehicle, e-mail signature, etc. Not to mention the website.

Internet users, customers and suppliers will recognize at a glance that it is you, your site or a document that you have issued because they have already engraved your graphic identity in their memory.

1. An explicit logo

The logo and its use occupy an important place in the graphic charter. When creating a website , it is neither more nor less than the first element that the visitor looks at. An effective logo is generally simple, original, easy to identify, reflecting the spirit and specificities of your company. So be proud of it and show it off.

A very common practice: clicking on it should bring the user back to the homepage.

The logo is the first thing people look at. It represents the overall image of the company by reflecting its values. Note that the logo is not only essential to optimize the visual quality. It also plays an important role in improving the quality of navigation by improving the visitor’s experience. For this reason, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali it is important to ensure that the logo automatically takes users to the site’s home page.

2. Color code

Color has an influence that goes beyond the appearance of the site and the image of your business. It creates atmosphere, helps structure content, etc. However, keep in mind that the goal is to make it easy for the visitor to remember and recognize your colors. Although the shades are endless, it is better to forget the seven colors of the rainbow! Select just a few that will also adapt to your different media (car, t-shirt print, etc.).

When creating a palette you should pay particular attention to your primary and secondary color. The first will be used for your main action buttons, and the second to create emphasis. These two colors will punctuate your site and set the tempo for all the other support colors.

3. Visual elements

Custom icons, illustrations, photos… This type of element can be used by a company to reinforce its visual identity in addition to the logo. To ensure that these graphic elements reflect your image in the minds of Internet users, consider standardizing their use throughout the graphic charter. The easiest way to easily associate them with your business is to post them regularly.

4. Police

The choice of typography is not to be taken lightly. Each font has its own character. Depending on your target audience and the message you want to convey, you will certainly choose one character over another. Selecting different sizes and shapes allows you to add depth and prioritize your content. However, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali it is essential to ensure the comfort of the reader


Even if you trust your web agency completely, instead of giving them carte blanche, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali you could give them some ideas on the type of design that suits your wants and needs.

To help you, here are the latest web design trends

1. The minimalist, to get straight to the point

This type of site is uncluttered, few elements are displayed, but the elements present are carefully chosen and correspond to the essentials. Only the elements that the user is looking for and what he needs to remember are present.

2. Flat design, intuitive above all

It’s about offering a clean interface with bright colors and objects without texture: flat! This very illustrative style brings a lot of life to a website. Very dynamic illustrations and animations are a creative and original way to present your site. We deliver integrated marketing solutions that drive more customers, revenue, and profitability. We deliver integrated marketing solutions that drive more customers, revenue, and profitability.

3. The video, no more long sentences and invite the user to watch a video

A beautiful relevant sequence is always more attractive and therefore more effective!

4 Mistakes not to make when creating your visual identity

1. Do not do graphic watch

Monitoring is essential for a graphic design professional. This allows him to keep abreast of trends, emerging trends, current practices and surprising achievements. Any actor in the field of graphic design will be able to keep up to date, but above all to develop their own concepts and ideas. We deliver integrated marketing solutions that
drive more customers, revenue, and profitability.

Finally, chart monitoring does not just affect charting, but all related trades. Thus, for a graphic design expert, it will be interesting to understand how a graphic designer will live from a technical or marketing point of view, for example, then to discuss with his team about new projects to conceptualize.

2. Overdoing it when creating your visual identity

Passion can produce great results but also lead to excesses. In graphic design, simplicity is key. A simple and effective visual identity will have much more impact than a multitude of independent graphic elements.

It is recommended, for example, to use 3 colors for its graphic charter. This is more than enough for a good visual identity.

Adopt the “Less is more”. When in doubt, it will be easier to do less than to do too much.

3. Copy what others have done in graphic design

Of course, monitoring does not mean copying the work of other experts. Quite the contrary. Analyzing and observing what other experts are doing is above all immersing oneself in the graphic universe of our time or other times. It’s about understanding what inspired and what inspires today, to develop other concepts.

It is therefore useful to be inspired but not recommended to copy. In any activity, it is forbidden and very frowned upon. We deliver integrated marketing solutions that drive more customers, revenue, and profitability.

4. Prioritize form over substance

A visual identity, as we regularly say, is not a “beauty” story. It is above all a response to a need and a means of achieving objectives and transmitting messages visually.

We hope you enjoyed this article. If you wish to be accompanied for the creation of your website, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali or your branding, do not hesitate to contact us for a quote.

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