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How Can I Get Data From Google Maps 100X Speed?

How Can I Get Data From Google Maps?

Every b2b company needs b2b leads that hopefully would turn into paying customers. But it’s not easy for everyone to find b2b leads. You need to find the right people and businesses interested in your products or services from the most trusted and used platform. B2B Marketing can help you make your firm more famous and helps to grow your sales. A Google Maps Extractor can help you find companies’ data from Google Maps to target and their business emails.

How Can I Get Data From Google Maps 100X Speed?

Of course, you could go on Google Maps and manually search for the business one by one, or use other business directories and search engines to search for their email address. But what if Google Maps Listings Scraper software could do that for you in minutes? What if a Google Map Extractor could retrieve in 10 minutes the same amount of b2b leads it would take you ten hours to do manually? Well, in this case, you will have 9 hours and 50 minutes to actually market and sell your products or services, and you will have more time to actually sell and market, this is where Google Maps Lead Extractor can help.

Today Ahmad software technologies allow you to use tools like a Google Map Extractor to find and extract emails, phone numbers, social media links, ratings, reviews, and locations, from Google Maps business listings. Google Maps Reviews Scraper can help you find faster new potential businesses than manually looking at Google Maps or search results, and allow you more time to spend on marketing and support.

What is a Google Maps Scraper?

Google Maps Scraper is a software that helps companies get b2b leads and convert them into customers. Google Maps Scraper work by extracting and gathering data from Google Maps business listings and search results, you can then use the contact details for your marketing campaigns.

Imagine your company just developed a new device for the electrical industry. Wouldn’t it be great to have a list of all electrical shops near you as well as those across the world? Would it not be good if you could conveniently locate their contact details, email addresses, phone numbers, social media links, ratings, and reviews?

That is what a Google Maps Contact Extractor can do, find potential new customers in any target market from Google Maps, so you can then use different marketing techniques to sell them your product, idea, or services.

Can I Buy Google Maps Data?

Of course, you could buy a b2b lead list, have you ever tried it? Most of the time these b2b leads are outdated (2/3 years old) and most of the time very expensive. When considering buying data lists, think of the cost of manually gathering the information versus what you pay for purchased lists. Then consider how much easier keeping your data up-to-date is when you can create it yourself with a Google Maps Extractor program that typically costs less than the price on just one of those lists. Google Maps Crawler’s price for one month is just $49.99 and you use it free for 3 days to check its performance.


Google Maps Scraper can help get any organization’s contact information from Google Maps. Try the free trial of the Google Maps Extractor and see how easy it is to generate leads from Google Maps in minutes, lists with hundreds or even thousands of potential buyers.

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