How Generators Function?


If you are particularly interested to read this article, that means only one thing; you are looking to buy a generator. Almost everyone in today’s world has heard about generators. But the intricate details on which a generator works may be unknown to you.

So, to impart wisdom and make your life significantly easier regarding the mechanics of generators, we will make you go through the whole process of selecting and buying the right type and size of the generator, according to the demands of your living space.

What are Generators?

Generators do not ‘generate’ electricity on their own. They convert mechanical or synthetic energy into electricity and lighten up your living space. Today the generators work on the model given by Michael Faraday. Now generators work on the principle of AC (Alternate Current), previously they used to work on DC (Direct Current).

The technology that used Direct Current did not show its efficacy. Hence, Faraday came up with Alternate Current and we still enjoy a bright room, even when there is an outage.

Components of Generators

Following are the parts of Generators that makes their functioning possible.


Alternator is the component that facilitates the generator to turn or convert the mechanical energy into electricity.

Battery Charger

Battery charger helps the generator charge and start the system when needed.

Control Panel

As the name suggests, the control has all the switches and buttons that helps you to operate and control the generator.


Engine is deemed to be the primary generator component. Diesel, propane or electricity, usually powers it up.

Fuel System

Fuel tank is where the fuel is stored and is provided to the engine of the generator when needed.

Voltage Regulator

Voltage regulator controls and regulates the amount of voltage that is generated by the generator and helps it convert A/C or D/C Current.

Distinct Features of Hyundai Generators Pakistan

Hyundai Generators Pakistan are one of the most notable generator manufacturers of Pakistan. Their distinct features and top notch technology makes them the best in town. Hyundai generators are powered and designed in a manner that they are fuel efficient and come with low fuel shutdown safety.

Meaning, that the generator will shutdown as soon as it senses that it is low on fuel, ensuring your safety. Moreover, Hyundai generators usually function on gasoline or diesel, both of them are easily available everywhere and helps the generator work hassle free for a longer period of time.

Being efficient in saving fuel, the generators are also easy to operate because they have designed an Advanced Digital Control Panel, ATS system (Automatic Transfer Switch System), and a remote control (that is optional).

All these features combined make Hyundai everyone’s first choice for all the right reasons. Their attributes do not end here alone, infact, maintaining these generators is also very easy and economical. Each appliance needs your time and attention, similarly, generators want to get pampered every now and then.

Hyundai Generators

Hyundai Generators need  you to be attentive to their needs, yet they do not cost you a lot. Furthermore, mostly UPS are preferred over generators, especially for domestic usage, because generators make a lot of noise.

Hyundai has installed Anti-vibration Isolators that make sure they do not annoy you into disconnecting or discontinuing the usage of the machine. Along with these avant garde features, we provide you with a canopy that tries to cover up the noise as well as prevents it from various weather conditions that eventually leads to its durability.

Hyundai provides you with one year of warranty. If the generator shows any signs of malfunctioning, you can ask for help and you shall be assisted accordingly. These generators range from the smallest as 1 KW to the maximum of 125 KVA. So shop the best generator from Hyundai Generators for domestic or commercial usage and lighten up your living space.

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