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How To Fix Common Heating Problems In Your Home?

In the freezing winters, everyone wants to be comfortable at home. To stay warm and cosy, you need to make sure that your heaters are running efficiently and in good condition as the winter months begin. In order to keep the heaters working, it is important to have your heating system serviced before the weather gets cold. In this article, we will let you know about the 10 most common problems you may experience with your heating system and how to fix these problems.

The Common Heating Problems In Your Home

Whether you are using a Vertical column radiator or any other type or any other type of radiator, there are possibilities of malfunctioning. Here are the most common heating problems that can happen to your heating system.

The Heating System Won’t Turn Off

If your heating system continues to blow hot air, you need to make sure it is on auto. It will automatically turn off when reaching its maximum temperature. The blower issue can also be the cause of this problem. If nothing is working, you should opt for a thermostat replacement.

The Entire Area Is Not Heating Properly

The dirty filter can disrupt the even distribution of heat throughout your home. The issues with your ductwork or the heating system’s fan motor or bearings can be fixed easily. But if there is a problem with the system or ductwork, you should call a technician.

Cool Air Is Coming From The Vents

The central heating system in your home disperses heat through the chain of connected air ducts. The leaky ducts are the reason affecting the air quality coming from the vents. The few fixes you can address are:

  • Check the thermostat
  • Replace the air filters
  • Check the system’s pilot light.
  • Check the fuel level
  • Check the air ducts

Dirty Or Clogged Filters

A clogged or dirty filter can restrict the flow of air and make the appliance work harder than usual. The air circulating damages the indoor air quality. These dirty filters can result in the blowing of the limit switch that controls the fan. Fixing this problem is easy and replacing the filter can extend the life of the filter.

High Energy Bills

If you are using heat pumps, high energy bills are common. While the bills are higher during the winter, a sudden rise in the bills could be due to the problems in your heat pump. The defaults include tripped breaker or dirty air filter. Some moderate issues like a refrigerant leak, iced over the outdoor unit, the damaged compressor is also possible.


A radiator leak can be tricky to detect and fix until you have all the knowledge required. In case of leakage, it is better to call a professional. The cost of the repair depends on the time it takes to diagnose the leakage and the part that needs to be replaced.

How To Fix The Heating Problems

Here are the simple fixes you can do by yourself.

If you are experiencing annoying issues with your radiator, you can fix them by following simple tips. Whether you are using hot water radiators or steam radiators, you can use these ways.

Check The Slope

Setting the radiators at a slight slope toward the inlet pipe can make them work at their best. You can add a wooden piece under the vent and create one. Doing so can also reduce the knocking noises coming from your radiator.

Open Or Close The Valves

A radiator has several valves that sometimes end up in a position of partially closed or partially open. In case of noticing any problem with your radiator, or any strange noises, check all the valves. During the checking, make sure the ones that are supposed to be open are open and others are closed.

Replace The Blocked Vents

The paint and corrosion over time can block the vents of radiators. The blocked vents trap the air inside and do not heat properly. Swapping the old vent with a new one is a simple fix for old radiators. You need to unscrew the screws and replace them with the new ones.


Radiators are the popular and old option for home heating. Like modern heaters, they are energy efficient and need maintenance. Ageing can make them prone to several issues but little knowledge and regular servicing can solve the problems.

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