Is blockchain technology apt to secure your documents?

There is a great necessity to secure and manage documents in the world of digitization. A wide number of digital artefacts such as birth or date certificates, educational certificates, health records, chain custody, agreements, property registration records, employee service records etc. hold so much importance. There is an inefficiency to handle such papers across organizations which may experience data theft and forgery. One solution that can help to secure documents is – “Blockchain”. With blockchain encrypted QR code, you seamlessly secure your valuable documents.

Documents are the focal point:

For any organization or business, the documents are the focal points. These documents only make people accountable and procedures traceable. Nowadays these documents are not completely secured and safe from manipulation. Any person with access to those documents can change. It becomes tough to reconstruct those original documents.

Document integrity is vital:

Document management systems can keep track of every version of every document. Most organizations depend on shared folders to track their documents. Document integrity poses great importance as digital credentials are hacked every day. So, a technically sophisticated solution can come to the rescue and that is blockchain. The inherent features of blockchain are transparency and security. They make your documents secure and tamper-proof.

How can blockchain secure your documents?

In every way, blockchain technology can secure your documents:

a) Timestamping

Every single version is time-stamped on the blockchain. If every hash is time-stamped, your business can easily keep a track of the right moment when a specific document has been modified & even by whom. If any kind of changes occur to your files, the stakeholders who have access to the control panel can see that as a separate time stamp. With blockchain secure QR code generator, users can generate QR codes and secure their valuable documents.

b) Maintain the integrity of documents

Blockchain-based document security guarantees complete document integrity by producing hashes of each single document version using an algorithm. The “hash” makes it almost impossible to exploit the versions without any evidence. Every hash is stored on a public or private blockchain, so no one manipulates or deletes them.

c) Verification of data

For document verification, blockchain protection can be used. When users upload any file, they can check whether that has been previously added or not to the blockchain. For identical documents, It is easy to find their origination point. It ensures a perfect verification of authorship/origin and terminates the risk of forgery. QR code security based on the blockchain can help you to secure your documents impeccably(blockchain encrypted QR code).

Who needs document security through blockchain?

Be it small or big organizations, every industry needs document security. They process colossal volumes of valuable and confidential information. So it is vital to secure those documents.

Dealing with fake documents and maintaining original documents is not an easy job. Both are time-consuming tasks. Most document management systems do not have the required security, efficiency and transparency but with blockchain technology, securing and maintaining documents becomes very easy. Without any worries, you can secure your data through blockchain-encrypted QR codes.


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