Smart Way To Write Compelling Product Descriptions That Sell

Things to stay away from

It’s also important to know what to avoid while learning how to write a product description(product features).

Descriptions from the manufacturers

Because it is simple, many online businesses use manufacturer product descriptions to accompany their products. All you have to do now is copy and paste the description from the manufacturer’s website. Apart from the fact that it contradicts everything we’ve said so far, there are two major reasons why you shouldn’t utilise manufacturer descriptions:

Manufacturers and internet retailers have different goals. Manufacturers are B2B businesses, whether they like it or not. As a result, they largely write product descriptions for suppliers, offering essential specification information that they believe they will require. As a result, they don’t appeal to your target market. Manufacturer descriptions may be used by many other persons in your industry, resulting in redundancy.

Duplication can wreak havoc on your SEO. Although duplicate content isn’t legally penalised by Google, it makes it more difficult for Google to determine which page should be ranked first. This is due to the way Google works. Because it does not bring value to consumers, the search engine dislikes providing them several copies of the same results.

Instead, it constantly diversifies results in order to maximise the likelihood of providing what visitors are seeking for. As a result, if you employ duplicated manufacturer descriptions, your information may be buried in the search results. Furthermore, there is a good likelihood that the original page will not be chosen as the top search result. So, even if you started by copying and pasting the manufacturer’s description, you could still end up with a low ranking.

As a result, for all of your products, you should establish a collection of diverse SEO product descriptions. This makes it easier for you to stand out from the crowd, match your brand with Google’s goals, and communicate with your target audience more directly. It can be difficult to achieve this, especially for complex products with consistent spec information. But this is why the stories, in addition to the basic characteristics information, are so crucial.

Don’t make it difficult for yourself.

Keeping your product descriptions short is vital if you want to stand out from the crowd.

When we write our own descriptions at FATJOE, we try to utilise as many basic sentences as possible. Even when writing about highly technical products, writing intuitively makes your pages more accessible and clear. It may even aid in the sale of your product!

Complicated sentences, on the other hand, are a major turnoff for buyers. Long, winding words with intricate grammar can make your product’s FABs difficult to comprehend. Your value proposition might quickly become muddled as a result of this.

When feasible, use short, straightforward sentences and avoid clustering big words.

Excessive Exaggeration

While you want to sell your items and promote them positively, avoid making strong statements that may or may not be genuine.

Here are a few examples, with the overstated claims bolded:

No matter what the weather is like, this coat will keep you warm.
In less than five minutes, you may finish your tax return using our accounting software.
Our bicycles are the greatest in the industry, and they will never fail you.
Making strong assertions is counterproductive since it undermines trust. Consumers will purchase your products in the hopes that they will perform as you describe.

When they don’t, though, they are disappointed. In general, it’s preferable to be upfront about what your products can do while using cautious language that acknowledges their limitations.

How to Make SEO-Friendly Product Descriptions

It’s one thing to write interesting product descriptions, but they also need to rank well in search results. As a result, SEO product descriptions are essential. Writing excellent SEO product descriptions has a lot of advantages for your company.

When you optimise them for search engines, you increase your chances of appearing at the top of search results and receiving more visits to your sites. Furthermore, unlike paid traffic (where you pay search engines for space to display your ads), you don’t have to pay for this traffic, allowing you to increase your profit margins.

Here’s how to write a product description for SEO purposes:

1.Write for people, not for search engines.

When ranking pages, the key concern of a search engine is that the information on the page is relevant to the user.

Google now ranks websites depending on the user experience they provide on each page. This includes making sure the page’s copy and content are well-written and relevant to the user.

2. Concentrate on the advantages

Remember that features are impersonal and describe what the product can accomplish, whereas benefits describe how the features will help the buyer’s life.

Talking about the advantages in particular makes for more engaging copy and helps Google better understand the content of your pages.

3. Write Product Descriptions That Are One-Of-A-Kind

As previously stated, this allows you to set yourself apart from competitors providing equal or comparable things online.

The less duplicated your pages are, the more likely Google will select to include them in search results.

4. The Length Of Product Descriptions Is Determined By ‘Buyer Awareness’

The length of your product description and the quantity of detail it contains are determined by how well your audience knows your items and brand.

When purchasers have a high level of awareness, they know exactly what they want, thus product descriptions can be more factual rather than instructive.
When there is a lack of awareness, the opposite should be true. Longer descriptions aid in the refinement of Google’s results for more obscure keywords.

5. Add A Meta Description To Your Website

A meta description is a short text snippet that appears beneath your product’s search results hyperlink title. Users are more likely to click on your products and spend more time on your pages if you have a captivating description(product features).

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