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The Vlone Logo and the Brand’s History

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The Vlone logo, despite being straightforward and simplistic, is a branding triumph and is easily recognizable. The main reason the Vlone symbol has been successful is that clothing with the “Vlone” brand is much more expensive than clothing without.

What Message Is Transmitted by the Vlone Logo? 

The Vlone logo is a really enigmatic and potent design. The fascinating aspect of the design and clothing line is that a U.S. rapper by the name of SpaceGhostPurrp served as a major source of inspiration. The Vlone brand’s dark aesthetic is mostly due to this rapper’s fondness for the Three 6 Mafia hip-hop group from Memphis.The Real Vlone motto is “Live Vlone, Die Vlone T-shirt.” This line from the American psychological suspense film Donnie Darko is particularly interesting. There is a point in the movie where Donnie is conversing with a woman. He is sharing a life-affirming quote with her. Every living thing is “dying alone,” he warned Donnie. This audacious conversation was taken up by Vlone, who made it their distinctive catchphrase.

The Origins of the Vlone Logo

You live alone and die alone is the brand motto. A$AP Rocky, A$AP Bari, and Edison Chen of CLOT, all members of the hip-hop group A$AP MOB, established. Bari claims that it is a lifestyle brand that does not fall under the categories of high fashion or streetwear. The A$AP Mob was created in the New York neighborhood of Harlem, which had an impact on the brand’s DNA.


The name of the company is displayed in a very readable serif font in the primary Vlone logo. The dimensions of the letter are strange; the glyphs are disproportionately taller. Colors are used to divide the word into two uneven pieces. Whether the word “lone” is written in white or black, the “V” is always drawn in a different, more vibrant hue, such as blue, green, red, and more.

Friendship Symbol

You might have noticed “Friends-” written on sweatshirts, t-shirts, and other apparel items and wondered what it meant. A$AP The inscription simply reads “No Friends” or “Zero Friends,” according to Bari, who explains that the minus sign is a symbol meaning zero. Simply put, it is a different way of saying “Vlone” or “alone.”

The negative sign is often surrounded by a circle, but in other variations, there is no circle at all. The minus sign has frequently been disregarded without the circle, which makes the logo’s meaning uncertain. People are more likely to notice the negative sign and consider what it might represent when it is surrounded by a circular frame.


The letter “V”

There is a third variation of the Vlone logo. It is visible on the reverse of garment items that have the “Friends-” emblem on them. A large “V” in an odd font appears to be writing a message on the wall. The “V” symbol also appears occasionally with the “V” enclosed in a circle.


Elements of The  Logo Design

While the font used in the default logo is very traditional, the “V” sign has a distinctive appearance. The graphic resembles the Bundy Yellow font, which is thought to have inspired it.

Vlone Colors: The color of the Vlone insignia changes depending on the garment it is worn on.

For instance, the “Vlone” writing is typically white on black apparel. The “Vlone” lettering is black if the shirt is white.


The “V” symbol may appear in a variety of vivid hues. Typically, the “V” and “Friends-” insignia is represented in orange or black.

2011 saw the Harlem street launch of The History of Vlone. It started when a group of diverse, multi-talented people—including rappers, musicians, vocalists, and fashion designers—formed the street fashion business Vlone Clothing with a shared vision for music and style.

After wearing Vlone Clothing themselves, A$AP MOB members soon started posting about it on social media and the brand quickly became viral.

Who Began Vlone?

A$AP Bari, A$AP Rocky, A$AP K, Ian Connor, and Playboi Carti set out on a creative journey that resulted in the establishment  in 2011.

With the exception of Ian Connor, who is more well-known as an influential figure in street culture and fashion, most founders are well-known figures in the music industry. Although A$AP K chose to withdraw from this project, the apparel business continued without him. If you pay close attention, you’ll see that Playboi Carti and A$AP Rocky even have the brand’s tattoo, which attests to their admiration for both the company and the arts.

Vlone: What Does It Mean?

IT is much more than just a name. As opposed to that, it’s a way of life that entails “You live on your own and die on your own.”

People adopt Real Vlone as a way of life and religion. The phrase “Live Vlone and Die Vlone” sums up the founders’ philosophy, way of life, and culture. The apparel brand represents many lives, just like the A$AP MOB, which is a group of unique people. The freestyle style of the Harlem streets, where Rocky and Bari are from, served as inspiration for Vlone. Bari claims that the company is bringing freestyle Harlem fashion to other locales.

Vlone Clothing: What is it?

The extended “V” embroidered on the hats, t-shirts, and sweatshirts from A$AP Rocky and A$AP Bari has come to symbolize the company.2014 saw the debut of a music video by A$AP Rocky that made it famous. They had only ever released hoodies and t-shirts up to that point. Rappers and young people were influenced by their introduction of other streetwear in a pop-up store during Paris Fashion Week.

Rocky served as an inspiration for the rise in popularity of streetwear. Additionally, Vlone opened a pop-up shop in Los Angeles where they debuted their limited-edition clothing. Skaters and other fans of streetwear quickly purchased the clothing.


The Core Message of VLONE Clothing

Even if you believe you have learned everything there is to know about Vlone, there is still much more to learn. There is yet more to discover about this brand’s past.

The A$AP MOB claims that the apparel line’s look has both positive and negative aspects. Ian Connor looking at the bright side. He defined as being in a group rather than being by yourself. The top, according to Connor. Is a terribly lonely place to be, therefore you must remain by yourself, ahead, and above. Additionally, Connor seeks out individuals who share his interests and assists them in honing their abilities so

 they can stand alone.

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