Tips to know before and planning to set up media home theatre rooms

Tips to know before and planning to set up media home theatre rooms

Two years back, due to the pandemic, all busy lifestyles were stuck inside your room’s four walls!! Life was very boring and pathetic think for a while if there would no internet, phone, TV, or a home theatre what will be the condition it is just like a hell-like situation. Thanks to all, where for all these our life become so much of fun and happy. We got time to watch movies, series, cartoons, serials, matches, etc with our family members. However, during that time our home has turned into multiple roles and has become our office space, kids’ school, gym, library, and ultimately entertainment area. That’s why there has been a rise in the need to have a dedicated home theater room. If you want to set up home theater interior system rooms, hire a home theater interior system in Coimbatore.

This blog will give you a clear idea to know what you need before setting up your media room. Acoustics consultant Coimbatore, will guide you!!


Layout plan and Dimensions of a home theater room

First, when you plan to set up a media room, you need to identify a space to convert the media room. Avoid choosing the center of the home to get rid of disturbance from the sound to others at home. Choose your basement, or first-floor family area, or can choose a guest bedroom that is rarely used by your guests. It will be great among those if you choose for your media rooms. To get a better experience viewing, you need to have 20 feet long room which is min 13 feet wide. You can set up your home theatre in a 12′ X 12′ room too, just that you might have to reduce the screen size. home theater interior system in Coimbatore can guide you better.

This is a picture that explains the furniture layout for your home theater room.

Avoid Free flow of ( Ventilation) in a home theater room

Good ventilation is just as the whole room should be closed and hardly there will have any air circulation. Air-conditioner is also required to keep the equipment cool.

Get the best flooring option for the media room

The Acoustics consultant Coimbatore, recommend that carpet flooring is the best option because it absorbs the excess sound and makes your viewing more pleasant. However the carpet flooring requires a little maintenance, if you are comfortable with it, then it is a great choice for you.

Get the best lighting in the home theater room

Lighting plays a vital role in doubling your entertainment experience. If you have a window in your media room then just hide it through black curtains so that light won’t penetrate inside. Always use ambient lights instead of harsh direct lights, use diffused lights in false ceiling and wall panels. Use footer light if the room is long.


You have to make your media room soundproof and avoid noise leakage. Equipment should be placed in media rooms. Gadgets that connect the media room are the heart and soul that intensify the space.

Here is an essential list of which equipment Is required to have within your budget.

  • Tv or Projector screen.
  • Projector (viewing distance is greater than min of 10′)
  • Speaker (Bars, Floor standing, Wall mount, Ceiling mount, Down firing, Satellite speakers)
  • V Receiver
  • Sub-woofer  (Active / Passive)
  • Home theatre in the box

Better hire a home theater interior system in Coimbatore that can accomplish your dream. The best home theatre can give a perfect viewing experience.

If you are based in Coimbatore, Cine focus is worth paying a visit.

Make your home theater room into a multi-purpose

There is no hard rule that the media room can be only used for movie time. You can use it in multi various ways. Make your home multifunctional, use it for multi purposes works

There is no rule that your media room should not be used for anything else other than your movie time like

  • Home gym
  • Home office
  • Kids study
  • Home bar
  • Art gallery
  • Music room

Know the purpose of your home theater room?

When you plan for your home theatre room only watching movies or listening to music do not confine. You can use it for other primary work too. If you love to listen to music can spend your bucks on soft speakers. On other hand, if you watch a movie go for bright speakers. Using a bright future for music listening can run for the long run. Hire Acoustics consultant Coimbatore!!

Know the budget to set up a home theater room

The most important part you should know before placing a home theatre set up. The budget may vary from pin to plan. When you want to know whom and where to spend the research!! You can get the best home theatre then.


Kindly go through this blog when you are planning to set up a home theater set up at your home. Acoustics consultant Coimbatore will guide you better to be an expert home theatre installation professional.

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