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Top six Morocco synagogues best for Jewish tour

Morocco Jewish tour has more to provide than just a pretty sight of Morocco. However, it is a great learning opportunity corresponding with an enriched serving of the Moroccan Jewish tradition. For instance, the sparkling Sahara Desert experience is a beautiful Sephardic presence and the sweet, welcoming locals.

So, visit Morocco and the taste the famous Moroccan Jewish cooking by opting for, Kosher food options or the Shabbat services. You can customize your trip with the possibility of tailor-making your experience of the Jewish tour to fit your necessities and interests. However, the duration of your in-depth Jewish heritage or the activities you would like to indulge in.

Morocco is also home to hundreds of unique Jewish traditional sites, apart from its attractive landscapes and vibrant markets. These sites are under the government’s protection and the Moroccan king or recorded as the UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Learn about your Traditions; some of the people may celebrate your Jewish culture and the religion during traditional celebrations. You must plan your jewish tour, where many of these laws and traditions originated. Moreover, teach your kids about the importance of culture and the traditions and maintaining these historical places.

Plan your Morocco Jewish tour in a way that you can participate in a local Shabbat prayer or connect with the Jewish community. Browse various best Morocco Jewish Tours Packages that include all the Jewish heritage sights in Morocco.

Jewish Synagogues

  • Ibn Dannon Synagogue in Fes

The city of Fes had a vast Jewish community back in the 17th century. Therefore, it is no surprise that the Ibn Dannon synagogue is the city’s most famous morocco Jewish site. With the help of the American Express and the World Monuments Fund, about 20 years ago.

  • Temple Beth-El in Casablanca

Casablanca is the place with the largest Jewish population in Morocco city. Moreover, the Temple Beth-El is the centerpiece of this Jewish community. However, this place is an essential site on your Jewish tour list. It is one of the city’s most famous historical assets with its impressive glass windows.

  • Chaim Pinto Synagogue Essaouira

Though the Jewish community is not active now in Essaouira, the lovely Chaim Pinto Synagogue is still active. You can use it when Jewish tour groups and travelers are visiting Essaouira.

  • The Slat Lazama Synagogue in Marrakech

You can find the tiny blue-and-white Lazama synagogue in Marrakech. Initially built in the 15th century, this beautiful morocco synagogue boasts a lovely riad-style courtyard.

  • Talmud Torah Synagogue Meknes

Although there is no longer a place for learning, the Talmud Torah synagogue is a beautiful small synagogue filled with many hanging lights. Moreover, you can use it to serve as a religious school for young boys. However, they can visit this place to learn about the Talmud and get primary Hebrew education.

  • Synagogue Slat Kahala Mogador Essaouira

Jewish hands built the synagogue Kahala Mogador. Here, the Jewish population of the town had both social and religious assemblies. Moreover, you can have experience in classes on Talmud.

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