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Top Ten Carpet Benefits

Is carpeting the better option when it comes to flooring? There are a number of opinions when it comes to carpet benefits. For many it comes down to personal preferences, availability, and cost. However, careful consideration should be given to any flooring options before making a final decision. Weighing the pros and cons is important, but for now, let’s focus on the top 10 carpet benefits to consider.

#1: Comfort – One of the top benefits of carpeting is comfort. It’s softer than hardwood flooring, linoleum, or vinyl, which is easier on the feet, in providing stability, and in providing an overall sense of coziness.

#2: Interior décor – Carpeting is all about style and is often an essential part of interior decorating attempts. Carpet can provide an excellent foundation for color schemes, themes, textures, and making that all-important statement for homeowners.

#3: Safety – Another aspect of carpet benefits involve safety. Carpeting provides a stable surface for toddler feet as well as for seniors and the rest of the family. Carpeting and the padding beneath is effective in minimizing slip and fall injuries, and as another perk, is easier on pet joints too.

#4: Warmth – Carpeting and padding adds an extra bit of insulation to flooring, making it easier to keep your home insulated against winter chills, which also saves on electricity and heating bills.

#5: Silence is golden – Carpeting not only insulates a home for greater comfort and warmth, but also muffles sound. Hardwood flooring echoes. If you have children, carpet benefits such as noise reduction can be worth its weight in gold.

#6: Cost – Carpeting a home is often less expensive than installation of hardwood or other flooring products, due to its durability. Routine maintenance cuts down on wear and tear and increases the longevity, making carpeting often more cost-effective than harder surface flooring.

#7: Versatility – Carpeting today comes in many varieties and with many options. Carpet tiles in a variety of sizes have added additional benefits to carpeting a home due to easy replacement of a tile that has been stained or worn over time.

#8: Hides floor imperfections – Adding carpeting to an existing home with old wood flooring is an economical option over having hardwood flooring repaired, refurbished, or replaced.

#9: Health – Carpeting is effective in filtering and trapping dust, dander, and allergens that can easily be vacuumed up with routine cleaning schedules. Such particles on hardwood flooring simply tend to drift about with ambient air circulation in the home, as well as by any movement by people or animals.

#10: Maintenance – Many homeowners consider maintaining a carpet is much easier than maintaining hardwood flooring. Most carpeting options today are stain resistant, and accidental spills are much easier to clean up than they used to be. Routine vacuuming and shampooing is recommended for longevity.

The top 10 carpet benefits are not the only perks to opting for carpet over other hard flooring options. Do your homework and carefully weigh the benefits and drawbacks of any flooring choices. Carpet in Indianapolis from ProSand Flooring does an excellent job for quality and long lasting comfort in the home.

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